May 28, 2023

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Claude Villeneuve appointed Quebec City Hall Leader “Structured” and “Positive” Leader

Claude Villeneuve appointed Quebec City Hall Leader "Structured" and "Positive" Leader

Claude Villeneuve, former columnist and new municipal councilor of Equip Saward in Mycerets-Liret, has been appointed Leader of the Opposition in Quebec City Hall. He immediately offered his support to the new mayor Bruno Marchand‌ and did not rule out that he or his established members could sit on a future executive committee.

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This was announced by Mr Villeneuve and nine other advisers on Team Sward at a press briefing in front of Quebec Town Hall on Wednesday morning.

“We will continue to sit for ten hours. Our team will be united to form the opposition. I have been appointed as a representative of this group, but each of our members will be a file-bearer, ”Mr Villeneuve said, insisting that their party was the only one in the city to elect at least one councilor. Six boroughs.

Claude Villeneuve to Quebec City Hall

Confirming his intention to “make Quebec City better and the council work”, the new leader announced that he wanted to lead a “constructive and positive opposition”.

The form of cooperation with the mayor Marchchand was not specified. Negotiations are due in a few more hours. Until then, Mr. Villeneuve did not wish to confirm or refute any illustration. “We are very open to any scenario. We should not be in a hurry, he added. We are ready for all the scenes. ”

One thing is for sure, the party name – Team Mary-Josie Saward – will have to be changed, but it will not be called “Team Villeneuve”, Claude Villeneuve promised.

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Sword did not attend

Mary-Josie Sword was absent from her team’s press briefing. However, she posted a message on Facebook expressing support for the new leader. “I fully support Claude Villeneuve, the new opposition leader elected by his colleagues,” she wrote.

M. is not clearMe Sword may or may not speak to the media. Her last public outing was a speech by her believer that Sunday night was all about success. However, during the evening her lead melted away and she was caught by Bruno Marchand.

Ms. When the team surrounding Sward asked if she should be given more protection by advising her to wait before making this famous speech, Mr. Villeneuve spoke of the media rush after the untimely announcement of her success. Most members of the team are still “somewhat angry” about what happened, but “we don’t want to be bitter,” he said.

Marchand and Smith congratulated him

Bruno Marchand was in a hurry to congratulate his counter on Twitter. “Congratulations to Mr. Villeneuve. I look forward to working with you and your team. We have a city to build together! ”He tweeted.

Jackie Smith, head of Transition Quebec, also welcomed his appointment through a press release. “I want to work with him for a beautiful and green city in Quebec City Hall. Without a party with a majority of seats, I believe the dynamics in City Hall will be very interesting and will benefit the citizens the most, ”she declared.

Québec 21 responds shortly after today.

– In collaboration with Jean-Luke Lovely

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