May 28, 2022

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Quebec | Regis LaBeouf “generous” with Bruno Marchand

Quebec |  Regis LaBeouf "generous" with Bruno Marchand

(Quebec) Regis LaBeouf had “kindness” and “generosity” when he met the mayor-designate of Quebec on Wednesday, beating his runner-up by nearly 800 votes while he was sending a message or two on the tram.

Gabriel Beland

Gabriel Beland

The two men posed for press photographers for a while. They swapped in an hour-long private meeting in the office that Mr. LaBeoum was leaving 14 years later.

“It was an hour and a half meeting, very friendly, we laughed. Mr. LaBeoum was very generous. We are preparing for the transition, ”said Bruno Marchand.

“He gave me many tips on what to do next, especially on the budget. There are many decisions to be made.

The two men discussed the tram in particular. The new mayor is expected to undertake this 3.3 billion project. However, Mr. Marchchand suggested that the project could be improved.

Mr. LaBeoum’s concern is that the project will be delivered in a timely manner. We understand that we want to make changes. Corn [en même temps, il souhaite] This project will be delivered in a timely manner.

Bruno Marchand, Quebec Mayor-appointed on the tramway project

But according to outgoing mayor Bruno Marchand, “very respectable”. “You become the mayor, you decide, but here I think I am the most effective.” He is not in any political sense. He is in the perspective of a man who loves his city and wants it to continue as it is. ”

“Positive” opposition

There was no good understanding in the mayor’s office on Wednesday. In front of the town hall, the new opposition leader presented a request for cooperation in the divided council.

Photo by Patrice Loro, The Sun.

Claude Villeneuve is the new leader of the official opposition in Quebec

“We heard a hand message from Mr. Marchand. Our intention is that the city of Quebec will function well, the council will function and our city will continue to grow, ”said Claude Villeneuve, a former columnist who was appointed chief on Tuesday evening.

We want to be constructive, positive, oppositional.

Claude Villeneuve, new leader of the official opposition in Quebec and Mizerets-Liret district councilor

This comes from the new dynamic board composition. Team Mary-Josie-Saward, Team LaBeoum’s successor, holds 10 of the 21 advisory positions on the board.

The name of the party led by Claude Villeneuve will also change. “It’s not quipe Villeneuve,” the new chef said.

The Québec forte et fère (QFF) led by Bruno Marchand elected 6 councilors. Quebec 4 out of 21 and Transition Quebec elected its first councilor.

The “great collaboration” emerging in Quebec is to the taste of both major parties. “Bruno Marchand should be held accountable for what he hung up on,” Claude Villeneuve believes.

But according to the opposition leader, the new mayor “seeks the best interests of the city of Quebec” and his program “closely resembles the record of Team LaBeouf”. “These are not very different visions,” Claude Villenev agreed.

Absurd idea?

He does not rule out the idea of ​​sitting on an executive committee if the mayor suggests it. How does the Leader of the Opposition sit on the Executive Committee?

The question is not easy. Richard Bergeron, then the official Leader of the Opposition, left Project Montreal in 2014 and sat as an independent candidate when he accepted Denise Coderre’s invitation to sit on the Executive Committee.

Joined by Tap, The idea of ​​the Leader of the Opposition sitting on the Executive Committee is “absurd” and it should not be “discussed”. Bergeron believes.

“There is no written rule. But when you are on the executive committee you have to be in solidarity with the administration, he noted. How do you show solidarity with the Executive Committee when you are the Leader of the Opposition? ”

Mr. The “good news” is that Villeneuve has not closed the door to a role on the executive committee, Bruno Marchand said.

“We will start talks with Mr. Villeneuve and see what happens. We need it. If we play the political game traditionally, the citizens will suffer, ”Mr. Marchand believes.

Bruno Marchand also believed that imposing the whole program of his party would be negative. “We have a responsibility to keep track of the results. We have to take things from other parties’ platforms,” ​​the next mayor, who will be sworn in on Sunday, said.

“Let’s put our personal interests aside and keep the city in the center,” he said.

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