May 27, 2023

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Vaccine Passport: Lawyer and restaurant in Beaux failed in court

Domestic travel: Vaccine passport is possible from October

A lawyer and restaurant owner in Beauvoir failed in court in an attempt to reduce the vaccine passport.

In recent months, ME Hans Mercier chose to fight in court over this government action.

According to him, this is an “unreasonable” measure that violates fundamental freedoms. He was especially respected for his equality, religious freedom, privacy, freedom of movement and freedom of association and peaceful assembly.

He also requested the Safe Guard to stay the case until a final verdict is reached.

Disappointment “

His request required proof of “adequate protection from COVID-19” to participate in activities or to access the places described in both decrees.

In a 32-page decision given on November 10, 2021, Superior Court Judge Nancy Bonsint finally rejected her arguments.

“The tribunal sympathizes with the frustration and frustration experienced by a person who is denied access to a social activity (…), although … , Discomfort or discomfort ”, we can read.

In the absence of credible evidence, the judge concluded that there was no serious bias.

In the case of the “creation” of two classes of citizens, St.-Georges’ attorney did not present evidence to confirm that such a rift existed.

Not urgent

“Evidence does not allow for controversial actions to tear apart the fabric of society and to ensure that vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals see themselves as outcasts,” the judge wrote.

The applicant did not convince the judge that the immediate termination of the vaccine passport application would benefit the public.

The question of urgency has not been finally resolved.

M.E Hans Mercier, who claims to have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, owns two restaurants in Saint-Georges and Buseville.

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He is also the leader of Party 51, which wants Quebec to be a sovereign member of the United States of America.

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