May 28, 2022

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Access to Family Physicians: Dube cut his first card

Access to Family Physicians: Dube cut his first card

Health Minister Christian Dubey, who has been embroiled in a stalemate in his talks with the Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec, presented a bill on Thursday calling for an “outstretched arm” to improve access to family physicians.

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Contrary to expectations, part of the law does not deal with pay and does not impose quotas on physicians, but reviews the institution of access to basic care.

Therefore, general practitioners in the public network should immerse themselves in family physician access to recruit their patients.

Access to Family Physicians: Dube cut his first card

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They must post their availability through one of the appointment booking sites operated by the Quebec government or another supplier. Quebec can focus on time slots for doctors.

The state is also giving itself ways to better “plan the medical workforce”.

At present, CEOs of CISSS and CIUSSS do not have access to family medicine group time slots, as argued by example. The reform provides an overview to better coordinate the availability of physicians.

Consequently, Quebec will benefit from more indicators on patient care by medical groups.

Over the course of two days, the Legalt government presented its bill as a “helping hand” in negotiations with the Federation des Omniprసిticians du Quebec to improve access to the family physician.

A reform of pay is also expected to introduce the component associated with patient care.

More details to come …

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