May 28, 2023

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Annami Paul has once again announced that she is leaving the Green Party in Canada

Annami Paul has once again announced that she is leaving the Green Party in Canada

More than six weeks after his departure was publicly announced The Green Party of Canada remains prudent in power, Annami Paul The party knocked on the door and announced once again on Wednesday that he was resigning as chief.

“I sent an official notice of my resignation to PVC today [Parti vert du Canada] », Announced mMe Paul on his Twitter page on Wednesday afternoon.

Although she already has Announced September 27th The green candidate for the 2021 election actually remained in office, while she said she would leave her position as leader and did not answer any questions at the press conference. When defeated in the election, it launched an automatic review of its party leadership, according to the constitution.

The result of the voting of the members is to be known by the end of November. Annami Paul needs 60% support. According to her short statement on Twitter, she decided to give up not only her post but also her party.

“I will also cancel my SSC membership. It is an honor to work for the people of Canada, and I look forward to serving in a new way, ”Annami Paul continued.

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A party spokesman explained in October.Me Paul is to remain “chief” until the end of his resignation. The chief’s entourage referred to a two-week transition period on September 27, which became “a few weeks” the next day.

“I want to see the date on which this resignation will take effect. The first time she resigned, I thought it would come into effect soon, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general To stay Alex Tyrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec.

According to him, Mr.Me Paul Green had devastating effects on the party. “During this period, the party was unable to comment on the news. He is, however, optimistic for the future, he argues Black Cubecois He was able to get back on his feet after the heart attack he experienced Martin Oulet The boss was there.

“For the leadership review vote, an organization has been appointed. It costs us money and it can be avoided, “said Daniel Green, a former deputy leader of the Green Party.

“I am interested in all those who left her more quickly, and now we can turn the page of this chapter in the history of the party,” said the president of the Quebec section of the Green Party. Canada, Luc Joli-Cœur, in a statement.


Annami Paul and her party Clashed in court On the validity of the mediation that prevents the Greens from removing their leader from July Internally challenged, Specifically By the Quebec Wing Party. Question about compensation for legal fees paid by Mr.Me Paul was a major part of the discussions about his departure in this regard.

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Shri.Me Paul and the Green Party. Party communications chief John Chenery could not say whether the court process in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice was still ongoing or why Annami Paul had once again announced his resignation. At the time of writing, Mr’s official departure date.Me Paul was not confirmed.

The Greens chief spent most of the last election campaign To comb his own constituency, Toronto Center, where she finished fourth. Nationally, the Green Party of Canada ranks sixth over the People’s Party, with 2.3% of the vote. Maxim Bernier.

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