December 6, 2023

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In Berlin, without the vaccine, there is no bar, cinema or hairstyle

In Berlin, without the vaccine, there is no bar, cinema or hairstyle

As of Monday, Berlin will ban people who have not been vaccinated in the wake of the resurgence of COVID-19, especially those from terraces, bars, gyms and hairdressing salons, the regional government decided on Wednesday.

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Under the new rules, only people who have been fully vaccinated and who can prove they are cured of the disease will have access to a list of recreational facilities and other selected locations.

The decision was made in response to “an increase in the number of coronavirus cases” and “increasing pressure on intensive care units”, the two capitals, the Berlin Senate, said in a statement. German federal government and regional state.

Public events, such as theaters, museums, and football matches held by more than 2,000 people, are closed to vaccinated adults.

Minors and adults who cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19 for health reasons will not be affected by these new restrictions, and a negative test will suffice for them.

Companies are also encouraged to ask their employees to do more work from home and to limit the workforce to 50%.

The measures announced by the Berlin Senate are the most serious ever taken in Germany, repeatedly breaking its record in recent days for new daily infections with coronavirus.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), nearly 40,000 new cases were reported in the country on Wednesday, the highest of all time.

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The outbreak is said to be due to a vaccination rate of less than 67% of the population in Germany.

In the German federal system, the 16 regional states have significant powers to determine their own policies for resolving COVID-19.

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