May 24, 2022

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ALG (0-4): Departs Algeria

ALG (0-4): Departs Algeria

On the 5th day of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, the Algerian national team traveled to Cairo to face Djibouti. For this return leg (8-0 in the first leg), the Greens are widely required (0-4).

Elim. Chief Minister 2022
2nd round – 5th day
Djibouti 0-4 Algeria
Belili (29 ‘), Benrahma (40’), Feghouli (42 ‘), Slimani (86’)
Halamiya (13 ‘)

Algeria : 16-Auqidza, 23-Halamia (Benayada – 46 ‘), 17-Bedrane (4-Benlamri, 63’), 2-Mandi, 15-Abdelloi, 19-Jorgan, 22-Benazar (7-Mahrez, 46 ‘) , 10-Fegouli, 8-Belili (12-Aunas, 63 ‘), 11-Benrahma, 9-Bounedza (13-Slimani, 46’) / Entry Belmadi

With a huge first-leg win over Blida (8-0) last September, Djamel Belmadi’s moved to Cairo International Stadium in Djibouti, which was not approved by the Djibouti Stadium to host the match. The Djibouti Sharks, who have already been eliminated, wanted to prove they could score a point against Algeria, who lost in the first round, especially thanks to Islam Slimani, who is now four times the top scorer in selection history. , And coach Julian Mette was fired.

This time Belmadi appeared on the field in a dangerous manner with 4-3-3. Oukidja M’bolhi was replaced, Halaïmia Youcef Atal was replaced, Bedrane – Mandi duo – which became recurring – took place in the middle, and Abdellaoui occupied the left lane. Today the Algerian defense is such that, before them, the Benasser-Jగాrgen-Feghouli trio were responsible for stopping the attacks from Djibouti, but also provided food for the winger Ben‌rahma and Belaili. Finally, it was Bounedza’s turn to occupy the tip of the Algerian invasion.

Algerian risk diagnosis

This return round has started flying. The Djibouti, still very enthusiastic, quickly forced Alexandre Okidza to be vigilant. If he had the toughest encounters, against the Algerian goalkeeper Djibouti, he was clearly assured of the little work he had to do.

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On both sides, we answer each other quick for the first half hour. However, Greens is particularly close to scoring with the very enthusiastic Youssef Bailey.

A slow start in the first 20 minutes, and no penalty converted by Belley in the 27th minute, the Belmadi men were able to find the net very quickly through Belley (29 ‘), Benrahma (40’) and Feghouli. (42 ‘)

At half-time, no real danger to Djibouti was reported. In this one-sided match the Greens, they scored three goals and have already almost won.

Second half under maintenance code

After returning from the locker room, Jamel Belmadi made his first changes. Benayada, Slimani and Mahrez replaced Halamia (warned in the 13th minute), Bounedza and Bennaser, respectively. Algeria go 4-2-3-1 with another tactical, with Benrahma 10, Bellely left winger, Mahrez right winger and Slimani on tip.

The Djibouti team will try their best to get back to the score in the second half to maintain their dignity. With the return of Adam Aunas to replace Belmadi, Belleli (63 min), and Jamel Benlamri, he continued his line of changes, but Bedrane (63 min) was at risk of suspension over Burkina Faso.

The match went from 3 to 0, but it followed exactly the action of the top scorer in the selection, Islam Slimani, led by Adam Aunas and the counter-attack from Benrahma. Slimani scored his 38th goal of the season, scoring his 7th in these qualifiers.

The score does not change anymore. 0-4 for Algeria, intermittent but large enough game, +21 goal difference, first place in Group A and 32 games unbeaten. Before Burkina Faso welcome for the final day of qualifiers in Blida, a successful match for Djamel Belmadi and his family. With Burkina Faso drawing with Niger (1-1), we should not lose this match to reach Barrage in March.