March 20, 2023

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Britney Spears’ training has finally been lifted

Britney Spears' training has finally been lifted

After months of trials and twists and turns, a Los Angeles court finally decided on Friday to hand over her personal life to singer Britney Spears, ending a protective measure that weighed heavily on her for thirteen years and describing the star as “abusive”. .

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“Protection of Britney Spears’ person and property is not in effect today. It is a court decision,” said Judge Brenda Penny.

“I think I’ll cry all day !!!! This is the best day of my life … Praise the Lord,” Star responded on his Instagram account, thanking his fans for their support.

She did not attend Friday’s trial via an internet link because she did it twice this summer.

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“This is the first time we can say what’s waiting for Britney, and it depends on only one person in a decade: Britney”, said his lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, who was delighted to leave the court.

Before the court, the lawyer suggested that Britney Spears set up a “safety net” to guarantee financial and prosperity. The American media predicted that the accountant, who had been selected as a financial instructor to replace her father, would continue to oversee the management of her property.

The 39-year-old artist has already won his case in court in late September by suspending his father Jamie Spears from the role of guardian.

But Britney called for the right to regain control of her personal life and the revocation of the preservation action, which was put in place in 2008 after a mental illness expressed by the star.

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The “army” of worshipers has been supporting her efforts for years, demanding that Britney Spears “release” her statue and is once again in court in Los Angeles for trial.

“We can’t believe it’s what she always wanted. Now she can rise above Phoenix, she can do anything,” said pop star Edward Joy after the verdict.

“Britney is free, I’m drowning,” another supporter told AFP, posing as Jacques.


In late June, Britney Spears filed a lawsuit in court, claiming she was “hurt” and “depressed” by the training over the Internet. She specifically stated that she was unable to remove her IUD when she wanted to have other children, and was forced to take medications that made her feel “drunk”.

The star complained that despite this level of oversight he had to work at a constant pace and “pay everyone around him” for not being able to make his own decisions. In particular, she had to pay much higher fees from her father’s lawyers who opposed her in this process.

“I need to come back to life, it’s been thirteen years, that’s enough,” she pleaded.

In July, Judge Penny allowed Britney Spears to choose her own lawyer, something she had not been able to do since 2008.

The attorney, Matthew Rosengart, obtained the suspension of Jamie Spears, according to him “a cruel, poisonous and abusive man” and fought to revoke his client’s custody.

Jamie Spears defended himself against any abuse or kidnapping, while Matthew Rosengart asked the court to begin an investigation into Britney’s conduct.

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According to the New York Times, the trial is scheduled for December to examine this part and the best financial issues, which lawyers believe are worth more than $ 1 million.

Britney Spears, among other things, wants to get rid of this training to marry her fianc భర్త Sam Asghari, whom she met in 2016 on a video clip set for the title “Slumber Party”.

Britney Spears has two children with her ex-husband, singer Kevin Federline. She briefly married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas: the union was dissolved 55 hours later.

“Princess of Pop” has sold over 100 million records worldwide. She was ranked eighth on the Billboard list of the most successful artists of the decade.