May 24, 2022

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Home Sweet Home Alone | Mom, I missed the movie ★

Home Sweet Home Alone |  Mom, I missed the movie ★

The 10-year-old boy, who was left alone at home when his family could not catch a flight to take them to Japan for the holidays, has to protect himself from two intruders, whom he believes are malicious intent.

Daniel Bonno

Daniel Bonno

Two trailers for Home Sweet Home Alone (Mom I missed the plane! (Starts again), In French) has already indicated that we are eligible to receive a pale copy of the original, which was launched 30 years ago and will become a classic during the holiday season. This sixth structure on the same theme turned out to be worse than expected and failed to generate the slightest interest in tasteless characters.

Director Dan Major (Dirty grandfather) Tries to recreate the same magic as the film that introduced us to the young Macaulay Kulkin in 1990. Due to the title of the film, it is unfortunate that the filmmaker took the same premise and reproduced many of the scenes that were engraved in us. Collective memory. He loses his shot. Comparisons are inevitable, and Beliger’s repeated attacks on the couple who broke into his house do not cause a smile. The original version did not have scenes corresponding to scenes featuring Joe Pesky and Daniel Stern.

This action takes place in this day and age, where cell phones can relieve parental anxiety. The excuses come true that young Max (Archie Yates) is alone in his big house and is free to do (and eat) what he wants. His fate and that of his mother (Isling Bee) are thousands of kilometers away in Japan, and his son takes the plane unheeded, not moving us. In the case of the poor burglars (Ellie Camper and Rob Delaney), who insist on breaking into the house to retrieve some valuables, they suffer more harm at the hands of the wise owner of the house than the two hilarious real thieves Harry. And Marv. Except for their setbacks, this time there is no sympathy. The original music of the film is also used in all kinds of situations.

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With Devin Ratrey returning in the role of little Kevin’s uncomfortable brother Buzz, fans of the movie (and they are Legion) have very little to eat. Not only is there a drop in attempts to please them, but there is also a suspicion that this version will inspire new generations. It is possible to see at least the original.

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Home Sweet Home Alone


Home Sweet Home Alone

Don Major |

With Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney