May 24, 2022

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Physiotherapists drowned with a wave of bronchiolitis

Physiotherapists drowned with a wave of bronchiolitis


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E. Bach, M. Martel, H. Pozzo, P.-M. From the photo – France3

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Bronchiolitis is returning in France and affects many infants. As a result, many The physiotherapists were stunned.

Babies have been accumulating in physiotherapist offices for several weeks Due to bronchiolitis, A viral disease that attacks the airways of infants. Babies need to put physical pressure on the chest to free their airways. Technical and precise gestures are more frequently repeated in specialized offices. “20, 25 babies per day for two months“, Says physiotherapist Sandrine Porvore.

According to the practitioner, the infection lasts for several weeks, which explains the high influx in medical centers, as well as hospitals, in the month of November. In France, nearly 1,400 children were hospitalized during the week of November 8 due to a viral infection. The fact that in 2020 they were strongly protected from viruses made them even more fragile. To prevent contamination, barrier signals are a priority.

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