May 28, 2022

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AndaSeat T-Pro 2 test: Gaming chair for adults, but not for adults

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 test: Gaming chair for adults, but not for adults

Whether you are looking to settle down to play or work at a desk, armchairs must meet certain ergonomic requirements. The first and most important is seat height adjustment. AndaSeat T-Pro 2 allows this between 49 and 55 cm. Very low penetration especially suitable for older ones. However, the longer means it is sometimes wider and the seat of just 44 cm does not keep the bulky seats comfortable. Returns on each side of the seat and the metal frame they hold are embarrassing to the thighs.

The position of the armrests can be adjusted in 4 directions (4D). The height adjustment provides a range of 7 cm, which allows it to be adjusted exactly to the average height of the desk (73 cm). It is important to keep your hands at the same height as the work surface to prevent pain in the wrist and carpal tunnel. To stay close enough to your desk, you can adjust the T-Pro 2’s armrests deeply. It is also allowed to turn the armrests sideways. Note that these are at least 73 cm apart, suitable for large busts, but this can be inconvenient for those who are thinner. Finally, it is possible to adjust the orientation of the armrests to 3 positions.

Chairs aimed at gamers such as the T-Pro 2 largely rely on bucket seat design. The AndaSeat model is no exception to this rule. Its backrest is particularly high (87 cm) and goes to the back of the head and shoulders even for heavy users. Although the headrest is not necessarily recommended, the entire rear is well supported. Like most seats Gaming, Forgetting that the T-Pro 2 requires adjustment of the waist area for comfort and maintenance of the spine. Here, you should be satisfied with the shape memory cushion, which is definitely more comfortable than you normally see, but it is not really good enough to install.

A memory foam cushion is also provided for the neck. Its existence is often inconvenient and its location is very limited. You need to measure the exact size so that the cushion reaches the correct position. We give a better welcome to a nap after the backrest is bent backwards.

The seat and rear rockers are synchronized. It is not appropriate to respect body movements. However, since the mechanism is slightly off-center it does not raise the knees much.

Overall, the finishes of the Andacet T-Pro 2 are quite good, despite the substantial representation of plastic. We noticed a bit of play in the armrests and the adjustments of the latter were a little fluid. If you do not take the time to change them, it will not be a problem. The plastic parts that cover the joints that connect the backrest to the seat have some elegance, but it is discreet.

The assembly of the various fabric pieces that cover the seat is correct. We notice minor flaws here and there, but nothing really bothers us. At first glance, the joints do not show noticeable weaknesses. The fabric used also seems to be of good quality. Above all, the fabric has a much lower sweat vector than the majority of imitation leather used by many competing models.

The foot and its large casters provide a firm feel. Despite being the most liquid chair we have ever seen rolling a few tens of centimeters, the T-Pro 2 moves correctly and in a certain silence.

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