May 24, 2022

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Faster learning for “LDT” | The Journal of Quebec

Faster learning for "LDT" |  The Journal of Quebec

Florham Park, New Jersey | For many years, Laurent Duvernay-Tordiff had a habit of pushing his nose into books. Rarely has the study been so intensive since he joined the New York Jets, with brief practice allowing him to experience the first game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday with his new team.

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“It’s insane how fast things are going, but since I got here I have been removing all distractions and digging into the playbook. It’s been a long time since I dreamed of football at night! Laurent Duvernay-Tordiff said in an interview Newspaper At the Jets Training Complex in New Jersey.

“It really engaged me, so I live in a hotel room and my suitcases are not unpacked yet. I have been wearing the same t-shirt since Monday. It drives very well! Exploding with laughter he sighed to the dangerous linemen.

A new language

Study Blitz, “Doc” saw others. Except when he was trembling from chiefs to jets on November 2 .. his life was on fire.

At 3pm he agreed to lift his no-trade rule and at 6pm he flew to his new home.

Since then, meetings have accumulated with the assistant coach of the Jets’ offensive line to assemble all the nuances of the game system.

“People who are not very familiar with football may not realize it, but it takes time to fully understand each other in the scrimmage line, the games, all the concepts and changes in the scrimmage line. I worked hard at the top of the exercises. As a lineman, you must know all the possible situations now,” Captured by man wearing number 72.

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This week, Duvernay-Tordiff tasted his first three training sessions. If he initially admits that his practice on Wednesday was “painful,” the two who came later reassured him.

“On Thursday I experienced a big improvement. Today [vendredi], I really have a good understanding of the playbook and it is going in the right direction, ”he said.

With starters

It should be noted that during the week, Qubeser received rehearsals with the starters and the second unit. He also prepared as a right and left guard.

“If I have to play fast, I’ll be functional, even if it’s not perfect. It is better to be at home for online communication. I can play right away, ”he said.

To date, the Jets have a record of two wins and six defeats. They live in the last row of their division and many can imagine the gloomy atmosphere in the locker room.

By getting to know his new teammates and coaches, contrary to what Duvernay-Tordiff said, the links were formed quickly.

Fast habit

“I came up with an experienced mentality that speaks to everyone regardless of position. The habit happened so quickly that it surprised me.

“In Kansas City, my English is not correct, and since I know nothing about Canadian and NFL locker room culture, my integration was long overdue when I started. Here, everything happened quickly and for me it was important. I didn’t want to be overweight. “

Unlike the end of his stay in Kansas City, the guard felt that he was no longer part of the plans and that he would see a real opportunity to crack again.

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“It simply came to our notice then Feedback Coaches. Ever since the exchange took place, I have been wanting to be here and it has been confirmed this week. I’m here to play, so let’s see if I can get the coaches’ confidence. ”

Even to watch