May 24, 2022

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Municipal elections: Coderre is far from even in his castles

Municipal elections: Coderre is far from even in his castles

Denise Coderre also stays away from strong areas of her party where local ensemble Montreal candidates prefer most voters to vote for Valerie Plante as mayor.

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Yesterday, the former mayor of Montreal announced that he was stepping down from political life, saying he had a “lightning rod” on his campaign.

An analysis of the detailed results of last Sunday’s election, conducted by our Bureau of Inquiry, confirms that Denise Coderre himself pushed back the votes.

In PierreFunds-Roxboro and Saint-Laurent boroughs, thousands of voters voted for local mayors Jim Bees and Alan de Souza, but did not elect their leader, Denis Coderre, as mayor of Montreal.

In one-third of these polling divisions, Valerie Plante received more votes than her rival, while local Project Montreal candidates dusted off.

“It shows Mr. Coderrere is a drag on his party,” said Daniel Pilat, a professor at UQAM and a specialist in municipal politics.

In many cases, nearly 20% of voters exchanged their votes between the local town hall and Montreal town hall.

According to Ms. Pilate, this does not mean that voters voted for Valerie Plante with joy.

“In many of these boroughs, she thinks this is the worst approach, at leastMe Plante is far from perfect, but a candidate who embodies stability. “

Already late

The last week of the campaign was difficult for Denise Coderre. He has turned the media attention to himself by refusing to disclose his sources of income since he lost in 2017. He ended up doing so after three days of controversy and media exposure.

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Although many observers have suggested that the defeat was the main reason for his defeat, the data show that Mr Coderrey had previously struggled to get his vote.

According to data from Election Montreal, Mr.Me In the weekend before the official polling day, Plante received 50% of the vote, while Mr. Koderre received 40%.

“I’m not surprised. Mr. Coderre’s problem is worse than it was last week,” said Judge Daniel Pilat.

Shoulder shoulder?

Yet at this point, the two candidates each were equal in the polls with 36% voting intentions.

“The ruling party has a significant advantage in early polling, which often represents the strength of the electoral machinery,” Leger president Jean-Marc Leger recalled.

According to him, despite an early poll in favor of Valerie Plante, the outcome of the ballot was marked by Denis Coderrere’s “Last Most Disaster Week.”