May 24, 2022

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The Air Canada language controversy has caught the attention of the Washington Post

The Air Canada language controversy has caught the attention of the Washington Post

In an article published on Friday Washington Post The controversy revolves around the Air Canada CEO’s mainly English – speaking speech in Montreal.

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After the CEO of Air Canada reminded him that he loved speaking French, but that he had a busy schedule and could live in Montreal without speaking French, the American daily made several comments. Editors and experts who spoke from Michael Rousseau’s famous speech.

The article highlights all those who find this article ridiculous and those who believe it is a lack of respect. The Washington Post Justin Trudeau also recalled that the situation was unacceptable and that Franకోois Legalt described it as an insult.

“Mr. Rousseau’s sensitivity to the context in which he makes his statements is very low,” Linda Cardinal, a political scientist at the University of Ottawa, told the media.

Language problem

The article takes into account Canada’s language problem, its official language law, which recognizes English and French equality. Therefore, the CEO of Air Canada, who does not need to speak French, should ensure that his airline serves the public in both languages. However, errors are often noted.

The text writer emphasizes the vulnerability of the French in Quebec and the decline of the language in the Francophones.

The Washington Post According to Statistics Canada, the proportion of native French speakers in Quebec increased from 80% in 1901 to almost 78% in 2016. This ratio could drop to 70% by 2036, especially due to ‘immigration’.

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“French is Quebec’s only official language and Legalt’s nationalist government has given absolute priority to its defense, with the controversial and serious law recently known as Bill 96”, we can read Washington Post.

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