May 28, 2022

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Anti-vaccine activist Franకోois Amalega was arrested in Trois-Rivieres.

Anti-vaccine activist Franకోois Amalega was arrested in Trois-Rivieres.

According to a video posted on Facebook, anti-vaccine activist Franయిois Amalega was re-arrested Sunday afternoon in front of the Trois-Rivieres Interactive Events and Convention Center.

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In the recording made by the demonstrators with the activist in front of the Delta Hotel, Mr. Amalega was arrested and taken to a police department car in the city of Trois-Rivieres.

“The only thing I asked was if the police would not allow children to be vaccinated,” Mr. Amale said before entering the vehicle.

Sûreté du Québec (SQ) confirmed that a 43-year-old man for his part was arrested by Trois-Rivieres police officers in the area around 1pm to ensure security during the congress.

SQ spokeswoman Louis-Philippe Bebeau said the man had been arrested for violating conditions and handed over to regional police officers, but the identity of the man could not be confirmed because she would not be exposed before his appearance.

The arrested man is expected to remain in custody until further notice in Trois-Rivieres court on Monday.

This is the second arrest in a few days for an anti-vaccine activist who was arrested on Friday for failing to comply with Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt’s during an attempt to arrest him during a visit to Shavinigan in Mauritius.

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