May 24, 2022

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First snowfall: Road conditions are difficult to predict

First snowfall: Road conditions are difficult to predict

Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 7:39 pm – After a delay of weeks, the first snow of this season is on the radar. Monday morning rush hour can also be distressing.

Motorists who have not yet installed their winter tires will have a bad surprise: the low pressure system from western Canada will sow some snowflakes in its wake. This is the first of many places in Quebec.

The obstacle enters through the southwest gate on Sunday, before continuing its path along St. Lawrence Valley. Southern and central Quebec are affected overnight, from Sunday to Monday, until morning. True, Eastern Quebec is the last on the list and is likely to experience the effects of the low pressure system until Tuesday morning.

A shy snow

The expected amount of snow is not astronomical. Just a few centimeters in the next few days, especially on the north bank of the St. Lawrence River. For example, Laurentians and Lanaudiers‌ should snow between five and ten centimeters. For its part, the southern bank of the river, including Quebec and the Montreal and Richelieu Valley cities, should have the right to rain in particular. Some traces of ice are still possible, but they can melt quickly.

Snow forecast

Most of the spoils are in eastern and northern Quebec, where there is vast expanse (especially in Gaspace National Park). Elevated fields receive more generous snow: up to ten centimeters, especially in eastern townships.

Road conditions complicated to imagine

Although the amount of snow is modest for the majority sectors, they are sufficient to create havoc on the roads of many areas. Summer tires lose a lot of grip due to snow on the floor.

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Road conditions

Crowded time so must see Monday morning. People moving from the Laurentians to the Greater Metropolitan area, for example, need to be more careful. The same scene for workers migrating to Quebec City from the north bank of the St. Lawrence River.

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