June 7, 2023

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Tensions continue on the Poland-Belarus border

Tensions continue on the Poland-Belarus border

(Warsaw) A group of immigrants trying to cross the border from Belarus attacked Polish police with stones and hit the helmet of one of them, Polish officials reported on Sunday.

The incident took place on Saturday evening near the village of Kolonia Klukoviz, near the border with Belarus, police said. No matter how strong the stone hit, police said the helmet that protects the head was damaged.

In another incident three hours ago, about 50 migrants were forced to cross a border fence near another village, Starzina. Police say 22 Iraqi civilians have been arrested.

These are the latest developments in the tense situation on the eastern border of Poland, which is also the border between the European Union and NATO.

The President of the European Union (EU) Belarus has accused Alexander Lukashenko of organizing a large movement of immigrants from the Middle East to the border in retaliation for sanctions against his repressive regime.

Belarus has denied the allegations, but has warned immigrants and others seeking to enter the EU this summer.

Photo by Leonid Scheglov, AP by Belta

On November 13, Belarusian soldiers set up tents for migrants stranded on the Polish border near Grodno.

Many immigrants are now trapped in makeshift camps in freezing weather as Poland strengthens its border with 15,000 troops along with border guards and police to prevent immigrants and refugees from entering the country.

Many are fleeing conflict, poverty or despair in Syria and Iraq and are hoping to reach Germany or other countries in Western Europe.

According to the Polish Border Guard Agency, it has registered more than 33,000 illegal attempts to cross the border with Belarus since the beginning of this year, up from 120 last year.

Some people make several attempts and register the arrival of more than 9,000 immigrants who passed through Belarus, German officials said.

Polish police have also arrested people suspected of smuggling illegal immigrants. Two Georgian nationals, a pollster and a Syrian, were arrested on Saturday.

The Polish Interior Ministry said on Monday that Poland had agreed to move immigrants to Germany and was also trying to dispel rumors among immigrants.

The government said it was sending security alerts in English to the phones of residents in the area: “This is completely false and nonsense! Poland will continue to maintain its border with Belarus.

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