April 1, 2023

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University Freedom: 76 professors from the University of Ottawa challenge the Rector

University Freedom: 76 professors from the University of Ottawa challenge the Rector

The signatories also asked the rector to apologize to Professor Verushka Lieutenant-Duval. One of the signatories, Francois Chappell, a biology professor, said it was the first step towards reconciliation between the administration and staff.

Restoring trust with professors is a good gesture because at the moment they are censoring themselves because they are afraid that their organization will not support them. Prices have changed because we want to avoid conflicts.

Franకోois Chaplin, professor at the University of Ottawa

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexander Behne

The Rector can say what he wants about academic freedom and freedom of expression. If he does not apologize to Verushka, the teachers will not believe him.

A quote from:Franకోois Chaplin, professor at the University of Ottawa

Last week a Report with seven recommendations Disclosed after controversy over the use of the word N in class. The rector said he would like to implement the report’s recommendations after discussions at the University of Ottawa Senate.

The rector has a report in a few weeks. Wonder why he didn’t go ahead. We expect more leadership from the organization. We can’t see anyone, we see the attitude of waiting, Francois Chappell lamented.

The University of Ottawa declined our interview request.

Hide behind a grief

Since the beginning of the N-Word controversy, many Ottawa University professors have strongly condemned the administration of the file. Franయిois Chaplin is one of them, and he has a lot to say about Rector Jacques Fremont.

If there were any doubts about Verushka, he hid the concept of depression, but the report confirmed that she used the term in an academic context and acceptably.

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According to Luke Angers, vice president of mobilization of members of the University of Ottawa’s Association of Part-Time Professors, the situation Does not preclude the pursuit of appropriate action regardless of the complaint. It also becomes an ideal gesture.

Jacques Fremont speaks behind a lecturer with a canvas with several University of Ottawa logos behind him.

University of Ottawa Rector, Jacques Fremont (Archives)

Photo: CBC / Francis Ferland

Mark-Franకోois Bernier, a professor of communications at the University of Ottawa, agrees.

Unilaterally, there is a complaint, as there is a refusal to apologize and correct the mistake. It still looks rushed. When it came time to grant Mrs. Lieutenant-Duval, no one was waiting for the Senate. It happened arbitrarily, hastily, thoughtlessly, with some panic and management error.

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