March 20, 2023

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A nightmare for jets

A nightmare for jets

East Rutherford, NJ | When he started with the New York Jets, Laurent Duvernay-Tordiff could only see how different life was. The 45-17 retreat reminded me that despite some encouraging signs in the meantime, learning can be difficult for a while.

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The Quebec Guard had nothing to do with this sad outcome. Although he was in uniform, he did not play the attacking game after having little time to get acquainted with the new offensive system.

Duvernay-Tordiff field goal and jumped on the field only three times in special teams in exchange situation.

Greg van Rotten, who has had a guard post on the right since the start of the season, has not had a great game, but “LDT” could replace him in the near future.

For now, he has to change his habit nicely by observing the sidelines.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, team locker rooms are closed to journalists after matches and a small number of players are brought to press briefings. Request of Journal Declined to speak with Duvernay-Tardif.

White address

However, the friendly giant will have the whole task in front of him to find positive words after the presentation provided by his new team.

Recently, quarterback Mike White appeared to be on track to spark fan expectations. His four-paced game calms the cheers of fans who left Met‌life Stadium heavily in the third quarter.

Naturally, as soon as Rookie Jack Wilson (injured knee) returns to health, he will be brought back into the competition. In hindsight, if any good news came, clarity came on the quarterly question.

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“We have had some great wins this season, but there are also games like this where we as a team have not really shown who we are.

“I direct my decisions to the score and it is my responsibility to stay calm at this point. If Jack comes back, I will support him,” White said, his face swollen from taking the punches.

Disruptive protection

It doesn’t matter if White, Wilson or Joe Montana are a quarterback to the jets, the defense will continue to deliver freebies.

In her last four games, she has scored 54 points for the Patriots, 31 for the Bengals, 45 for the Colts and 45 for the Bills.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen averaged 17.4 yards on the pass. The running game beat the jets up to 139 yards. Bills gained 489 yards and Jets averaged 32.9 points this season and set a franchise record of over 400 yards.

Tertiary is particularly generous to rival receivers, with Stephen Diggs (8 receptions, 162 yards) and Gabriel Davis (3 receptions, 105 yards) swallowing Brandin Echoles and javelin guides throughout the day.

It’s easy to say that Jet’s defense is stuck like Swiss cheese, but it looks like soft cheese.

“We have eight games left to find solutions. We want to see week-to-week progress on this defensive system and apparently it is not working, ”lamented head coach Robert Sale.

Tolerance of alignment

In the final draft, the Jets’ first four choices were offensive players in an attempt to revive the struggling unit. Perhaps the scenario should be reversed next spring.

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However, Laurent Duvernay-Tordiff will have to tame the new reality. During his seasons from 2015 to 2020 as a starter in Kansas City, he suffered an even worse defeat on October 2, 2016 with a 43-14 mark against the Steelers.

He said not all days are too dark and the guard was very encouraged to be in New York for an interview with the Le Journal two days before the game.

Now he was impatient to have the opportunity to repair the boat.

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