May 24, 2022

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Gamers leave, ending partnership with Razor XTRA Gaming amid allegations of sexual harassment victims

Sports organization XTRA Gaming has come under fire after refusing to support a sexually harassed member.

XTRA Gaming has almost gone through serious allegations of trying to silence a sexual harassment victim on its list of sports players and content creators. JeffTheMVP, a Twitter user, posted on Twitter today, alleging that he and his friend were drugged and sexually assaulted at a party in Los Angeles. The victim sought advice from his sports organization – XTRA Gaming, but was told he would have to leave the team if he went ahead with his allegations.

Now the company is facing criticism and the list is virtually empty within hours of the allegations.

JeffTheMVP story

JeffTheMVP’s Twitterlonger, Influencers Two male attackers known as Carter and Rafi were accused of sexually abusing him and his friend in Los Angeles in August this year. The statement is as follows:

Carter and [sic] Rafi informed both well that I was directly identified as a human being. I told them I had a girlfriend in Orange County. I thought they accepted and understood this. When we got to their house, they were drunk from 7am and asked us and me to “get up fast”.

Both wanted to drink to pacify their hosts and accepted drinks accordingly. The four discussed major brand deals and approvals, but felt the situation was difficult.

“Rafi and Carter handed me the bottle and asked me to reach their level. I agreed because I wanted to fit in and make them happy. They never drank from the bottle they made us drink. They wanted to relax with them until the big party they invited us to later. We wanted to network at the party so we decided to investigate him. “

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The details of this story became darker and darker. The two victims were naked on the bed with the attackers without remembering what happened that night. After going to the hospital, they contacted the authorities but feared that their two famous attackers would be exposed.

XTRA Gaming advises victims against public advertising

With a few options, Jeff contacted XTRA Gaming and asked for advice on how to proceed. According to Jeff, the company advised against the idea and he regained experience:

“My sports team, Extra Gaming, hurt me for wanting to let people know what happened to me. They told me I had to leave the team if I wanted to talk about it openly, ”he wrote.

“They said it would go bad for their brand. Me and my friend both cried. [sic] And felt that it was our fault by the team owner. Not having my team as a family and being supportive of myself destroyed me.

Several XTRA members left the team

In response to allegations against XTRA Gaming‌, many team players and content creators left the brand. Famous Fortnight rivals such as FNCS champions Nathan “Reit” Amundsen and Daisy “Day” Hugh have announced their free agency. Immediately, many XTRA gaming representatives followed suit.

More details on the surface, the razor ended the partnership

Another former member of XTRA, Datgik Aaron, also told a similar story, saying the company was ignoring articles on abuse and homelessness. ESTNN contacted Jeff regarding the situation. He said XTRA had not contacted him since he posted his tweet. The Razor team ended their partnership with XTRA due to damn information.

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The XTRA owner resigns

Within hours of Jeff telling his story, XTRA founder and CEO – Manny “Sly” Wheats – resigned. He apologized and tweeted his opinion.

“A video was posted earlier today and the way we handle the event is unequivocal and does not reflect what we stand for as an individual or as an organization,” he declared. “I take ownership knowing that I can take a more aggressive / open approach to helping our players and I am deeply sorry for that.”

“I can’t describe in words how sad I am to have disappointed our members, our community and everyone who supported us. Therefore, I take the time to reflect on and step down as CEO of XTRA Gaming, which is now in place.

If you or someone you know has been abused and needs help, please contact RAINN or their immediate hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

Featured Image: XTRA Gaming

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