May 28, 2022

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General Council | The CAQ did not rule out the appearance of President Mary-Victorine

General Council |  The CAQ did not rule out the appearance of President Mary-Victorine

(Trois-Rivières) Coalition d’avenir Québec (CAQ) President, Sarah Boomer, did not rule out running as a candidate in Mary-Victorine.

Tommy Chaunard

Tommy Chaunard

Funny Levesk

Funny Levesk

She was speaking on the sidelines of the party’s General Council closing on Sunday Tap No official talks have taken place to date. However, she did not hide her interest in representing the CAQ in the Longueil constituency, which became vacant after Catherine Fournier was elected mayor.

“I can not exclude it”, to wear party colors in Mary-Victorine, M confirmedMe Boomer works for an electric car manufacturer.

Potential candidacy of MMe Boomer began speaking to the public following remarks made by Prime Minister Franois Legalt at a press conference with its president.

He said in English that he was confident of getting more than two seats on the island of Montreal in the coming elections. “Including …”, he turned to Mr.Me Boomer and immediately interrupted himself. “Well, I said nothing. ”

On Saturday, he announced that he would be competing with a woman in the “probably” ranks in his party Mary-Victorine. The by-election will take place “after Christmas” in 2022.

M.Me Boomer represented CAQ at Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in 2018. This marketing specialist, mother of three young children, became party president a year ago.

According to a biography posted on the CAQ website, Sarah Boomer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Concordia and a Masters degree in Marketing from the Ecole des Hots Etudes Commercial (HEC) at the University of Montreal. She has previously worked in Marketing and Management, especially at the Canadian Consulate General in Merck Canada, Novo Nordisk, New York. Globe and Mail And in touch agency!

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Take nothing

As the CAQ celebrates its 10th anniversary, the atmosphere at the General Council is high. The menu created with the theme of the regions is without any controversy, the proposals are unanimous.

In his closing speech, Franకోois Legalt, who focused on economic nationalism, invited 850 activists and members of the political staff not to fall asleep through the election.

Of course, no matter how big the polls look, nothing big matters. Quebeckers must earn trust.

Franకోois Legalt, Quebec Premier

Photo by Jacques Boisinot, Canadian Press

Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt

“I want you activists. We have already made a lot of changes. But we still have a lot of changes to make. And I think we need another command, ”he added to the huge applause.

At his press conference, Franకోois Legalt set aside criticisms of his party’s “two-three” terrorists about the third link. “We must first understand that there is a problem with the congestion between Quebec and Lewis,” he said, adding that the tunnel was “the worst project”. He wanted to keep in mind the estimated cost of up to Rs 10 billion by recalling that the Eastern REM represents investments in the same order.

Franకోois Legalt stated that “eventually” his finance minister, Pierre FitzGibbon, would announce the results, which would reflect the government’s on ways to persuade Anglophone business leaders to learn French. To achieve this, according to him, there is no need to amend Bill 96 to reform Bill 101.

According to Simon Jolin-Barrett, the minister responsible for the file, “in the application of the franchise process, a company must ensure normalization” [l’utilisation] Within the company, French at all levels ”. “Ultimately, if the company does not respect the franchise policy, OQLF has the ordering power, which can lead to criminal sanctions,” he added.

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In his speeches over the weekend, Mr. Legalt congratulated many of CAQ’s early artists, not to mention the movement’s co – founder, businessman Charles Sirois. He justified his silence by saying that Mr Sirois “gave credibility” to the movement “without joining a political party”. “Not at all” is an inconvenience. “I also exchanged messages with him [samedi] I remember 10 years ago we went from movement to political party. ”