May 24, 2022

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Relaxations that are not unanimous

Relaxations that are not unanimous

As the holidays approach, experts are concerned about easing of health measures in place today, which could lead to an increase in cases similar to last year.

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“I do not understand the desire to increase the risk closer to the holiday season. I was really looking forward to it. We need less limited vacations this year, ”said Roxanne Borges da Silva, a professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Montreal.

In early November, the Quebec government announced a variety of flexibilities scheduled for tomorrow, including permission to remove face shields in the high school classroom.

In the midst of an increase in cases due to the cold and time spent indoors, experts do not understand the necessity behind some of these decisions.

“Young people are used to it, and wearing a mask has no real negative impact, so in my opinion removal can be done later,” said Alain Lamarre, a virologist and professor-researcher at the Institute. National Scientific Research Institute (INRS).

This sluggishness does not take into account inequalities between schools, although the vaccination rate in some of them is clearly lower than in others, M stated.Me Borges da Silva.

Listen to Sophie Durocher’s column at Philippe-Vincent Fossy Microphone on QUB Radio:

“Removing the masks means increasing the chance of the virus spreading,” she sighed.

Nancy Delagrave, Scientific Coordinator of the COVID-STOP Collective, is responsible for removing masks, air purifiers or other measures such as good ventilation.

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She said this situation does not exist in schools at present.

From tomorrow, if physical distance is respected, there will be no need to wear a mask in a constant effort at the gym. Vaccinated karaoke fans can also push the note two meters away without a mask or behind a plexiglass.

“The government does not understand anything: [le plexiglas] Does not help in this kind of situation. Apart from sports activities like treadmill, karaoke produces the most aerosol, ”said Mr.Me Delagrave.

For his part, Christian Jacob, president of the Association des Microbiologists du Quebec, qualified: these releases do not take much risk because they are vaccines that are so large.

“Infections that turn into cases in the hospital are low, so we have more games than ever before,” he said.