December 4, 2023

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At the college level Act 101: Legalt spoils the party

At the college level Act 101: Legalt spoils the party

CAQ has good reasons to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The history of this party is impressive.

In the political context in which he was blocked, the centrist autonomist looking for a new vehicle was able to transmit neonationalism.

And after fifteen years of liberal rule, Franకోois Legalt knows how to reconnect with the Quebecs by reconnecting with national pride.


Let us recall the darkness in Quebec during the reign of Philip Couillard, a man who despised his own people. The Quebecs also thanked Franకోois Legalt చేసిన for distributing them from the liberal group.

But what does Franయిois Legalt do with the power he currently has? He ruled at a critical time in Quebec history.

We are witnessing the decline of our language. We know we are failing to franchise and quabise immigrants.

From this point of view, Franకోois Legalt spoiled his party anniversary by once again, stubbornly and frustratingly opposed, For application of Act 101 at the college level. This refusal to take action has serious consequences and is the result of blindness or cowardice.

Should we really be satisfied with Law 21 and Law 96 in terms of national certification?

Is the nationalism of the CAQ absolutely rhetorical? Can he go beyond words to the point where he can put cubes to sleep?

There are two ways to see it.

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The first is positive: CAQ is launching a silent rebirth of Quebec nationalism, which will bear fruit later.

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There is another: CAQ provokes the process of “dying with collective dignity”, along with us, as a people. It paints our invisibility in the language of pride.

I sometimes fear that this second hypothesis is highly plausible.

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