March 21, 2023

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Corneal prosthesis at Montpellier University Hospital: Patient regains vision one week after surgery

Corneal prosthesis at Montpellier University Hospital: Patient regains vision one week after surgery

Success, and great hope: Julian M., a patient who underwent surgery on November 10 at Montpellier University Hospital, regained sight in his right eye, but his cornea was damaged due to inflammation caused by herpes. This morning he had perfect vision: 10! Relief after changes that required a second visit to the block on November 11th. Professor Diane, who installed the revolutionary Israeli corneal prosthesis in a clinical trial, was cautious.

The eyelid is still puffy, and the eye is sensitive to light. But Julian M., 38, of Bordeaux, regained his right eye sight he had lost years after inflammation of the cornea. Damaged, replaced by an artificial cornea discovered on November 10 in Israel. Vincent Diane, head professor of ophthalmology service at Montpellier University Hospital Intervention With the help of her colleague Funny Babu, it is the fifth in the world (three in Israel and one in Paris) to authorize the practice of two French centers as part of a clinical trial, with seven operations planned in Montpellier by the end of 2022.

This Tuesday morning, he had a 10/10, which was not heard with a corneal transplant

“He regained his 50s vision on Monday, and this Tuesday morning, he had 10/10, which was unheard of with a corneal transplant, which is hopeful.”, Professor Diane, he recalled “It will take a year to consolidate the result”. “I’m been underwater for years, where I found my oxygen”, Encourages the operated patient to do his or her part to return home at the end of the week, before being strictly followed by the CHU’s ophthalmology team.

Raised awareness through TV show

Encountered “Real life instability” And unknown “New Surgical Equipment”, Julian M. However underwent a second operation on November 11: “It was very stressful because there was so much expectation. We had to replace the cornea, tighten the points and operate on the cataract in this eye due to a series of inflammations, but although it was not initially urgent, the device prevented it from being replaced.”, Said Professor Diane, who plans to operate on a second patient in January or February.

The candidate will be selected strictly: “We must pay close attention to the inclusion criteria”, Vincent Diane underlines that the device is not for people with AMD, he emphasizes that “it is not retina”.

“It has become unlivable”

Julian M., followed up at Bordeaux University Hospital, nearing completion of existing treatments, and “Ultra-inspired” : “My eyesight has deteriorated since I was 23, and this phenomenon has worsened over the course of a year. I only saw lightning. The laser and injections provided me gave nothing, it became lifeless, I poured a glass and water was flowing nearby.”, Thirty explains something. “Because of the eye, and side effects, headaches, hypersensitivity to light, we can no longer cycle and go out if we go to the beach,” his colleague recalled.

I’m living again, but I do not plan for the long term

Julian thanked the media and regained hope: “I saw a program that talked about this prosthesis. I phoned the Israeli company that directed me to the University Hospital of Montpellier. So, I just missed the opportunity! I know there are.

Information on the Adventure of the Artificial Cornea and the Clinical Trial at Montpellier University Hospital 6th Montpellier Ophthalmology Days, A meeting reserved for experts on November 20 in the quorum in Montpellier.

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