March 24, 2023

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CounterLog Gaming frees its entire team in LCS

CounterLog Gaming frees its entire team in LCS

The League of Legends transfer window is open and some teams are taking drastic action to prove they want a fresh start. This is especially the case Counter Logic Gaming It was announced overnight at the beginning of the movement period that the entire roster, including players and staff, had been released. So, on the fifth day of the season, Like Galen Head coach and his assistant on the primary, Finn, Broxa, Damonte, Wild Turtle and Smoothie became free agents.

For the latter two, the decision is logical Thomas Thinkcard Slotkin I just signed up from GG Academy. The latter brought with him his former assistant, Crocent, He seems to have become a kind of strategic coach and assistant at the same time.

After the disaster season, CLG wants to change everything in the structure. The team ended at Last place in summer split and last place in spring, Lack of harmony among the players, rookies struggling for a place and visa issues caused a break in the season.

According to the first information from the transfer window, Juan Arturo “Contractz” Garcia Jungler, the first recruit to lead his team under Tomio, is currently serving at the Academy of Evil Genius.

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