March 20, 2023

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Experts consoled by releasing Labum at link 3

Experts consoled by releasing Labum at link 3

An open letter was published Friday by Regis LaBeouf for Prime Minister Legalt Confirms mobility experts contacted by Newspaper The third link is in the most critical locations of the megaproject.

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“We have been doubting the relevance of the third link for many years and there are more reasons than why this project is needed. [régler la congestion routière]. There was really no discussion about the need for a third link. The project was decided, pushed and commissioned without any actual pre-reflection, ”said Jean Dubey, a professor and researcher at Laval University.

Jean Dubey.  Professor at Laval University

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Jean Dubey. Professor at Laval University

Two weeks ago, a man who was a member of the Center for Research in Planning and Development denounced the “lies” propagated by the Coquista government in this file by seven experts and refused to listen to “science”. ”

“Empty her bag”

On Friday, two days before the official end of his election mandate, Regis LaBeouf published a lengthy message intended for Prime Minister Legalt. This severely damaged the Quebec-Lewis tunnel project.

Coquista ministers noted the bitterness in the text, but new mayor Bruno Marchand assured that it would not represent the official position of the city of Quebec.

Professor Franకోois des Rocier, an expert in urban and regional economics, said, “To accept Regis Labyum’s arguments and recommendations on the third link.

Mr. According to Des Rociers, he should have made the speech before leaving town hall, but Jean Dubey believes he has failed in his role as mayor of Quebec.

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Shared responsibility

According to Funny Tremble-Rasikot, an assistant professor at the National School of Public Administration (ÉNAP), Mayor L్యూbme, who has chaired the Quebec metropolitan community for 14 years, is not the only one to blame the government.

The specialist adds, “The former mayor has revealed new data that deserves to be analyzed. The proposed solution [d’une voie alternée sur le pont Pierre-Laporte] The third link should be studied before the project enters the planning stage, but unfortunately there is no feasibility study ”.

According to Jean Mercier, an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Laval University who specializes in transportation, the new mayor Bruno Marchand is currently interested in having his cards in hand because transportation infrastructure projects in Quebec are still a subject. Many discussions.

What they said about the tram

On Friday, former Mayor Labeaume blamed the Quebec government for the delay and explosion of tram costs. Expert opinion on this is as follows.

“Mr. LaBeouf is right to ask that the tramway project be given the same facility as other projects of this size. “

– Jean Mercier, Professor at Laval University

“If the feasibility study for the tram project had been completed and carried out properly, we would probably not be at this point in terms of technology, route and budget.”

– Funny Tremble-Rasikot, Assistant Professor at ÉNAP

“Everyone knows that delays increase costs. Hence it should come as no surprise. “

– Jean Dubey, professor and researcher at Laval University

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