February 25, 2024

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Independence of Taiwan | Joe Biden had to clarify the vague remarks

Independence of Taiwan |  Joe Biden had to clarify the vague remarks

(North Woodstock) Joe Biden on Tuesday vowed not to promote Taiwan’s independence, in order to clarify new vague remarks about the United States’ departure from its traditional position on the island claimed by China.

During a state visit to New Hampshire, the American president responded slowly to a question asked by journalists about possible progress on the Taiwan question at a virtual summit with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Monday.

“Yes. We have made it very clear that we support Taiwanese law and that is all,” he said.

The Taiwan Relations Act is a law passed by the American Congress in 1979 that governs American policy in the region: Washington seeks to identify only one China, while providing Taiwan with weapons for its self – defense.

But Joe Biden also seemed to be talking about Taiwan: “He is independent. He makes his own decisions. ”

The formulation risks provoking Beijing’s anger, but President G warned at their virtual meeting that working for the island’s independence was “playing with fire”.

“We are not promoting independence. We urge them to do exactly what Taiwanese law provides, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. “I told them to make their own decisions about Taiwan, not us.”

Joe Biden also reiterated that he had no intention of “changing the United States policy” at all.

On Monday evening, he warned that Washington was “firmly opposed” to a “unilateral attempt to change the status quo or to undermine peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait” – a phrase equivalent. ‘Address to Taiwanese leaders.

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The Democratic leader is already sowing trouble in October by insisting that Washington has a “commitment” to militarily defend Taipei in the event of a Chinese attack. Thus he seemed to have broken with the traditional “strategic ambiguity” of the United States, in the name of which they did not explicitly say whether they would intervene in the event of an attack on the island of Beijing – a way of discouraging peace. Rulers of Taiwan without declaring official independence.

The White House has already had to rectify the situation by making sure there is no change in strategy.

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