March 21, 2023

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A Cubeser in Whistler witnessed the disaster

A Cubeser in Whistler witnessed the disaster

A Cubeser living in Whistler, British Columbia, has seen catastrophic floods hit the province in recent days.

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A “weather river” literally formed: in 24 hours, the rainfall dropped to the equivalent of a normal month’s rainfall, one of the most severe natural disasters of the year.

“Saturday and Sunday it was really torrent and it didn’t stop. The road was submerged in some places as the canals were completely filled. We’re a little busy in Whistler right now. The north way back home, the south road was also blocked. We’re there, we’re waiting, “Charles Begin explained in an interview with Quebec Matin.

Access to Vancouver was also blocked.

“We are planning to go there this weekend, but apparently it’s not possible. All the roads are closed and there is no access. [précaires]He adds.

Despite the scale of the disaster, Kubeser said he received no warning from authorities.

“We heard about it, we made observations, mainly the people who brought us the news and asked us if we were right. At Whistler we were a little higher, we were a little less affected, but we noticed that the ice from the glaciers was melting all over and the size of the streams in the rivers … something was not working, “reports man.

When the rain stopped, the cold kicked in and the water began to freeze.

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“Obviously, this is not something that will be resolved next week,” he concluded.