May 24, 2022

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Crisis in the Conservative Party: Expelled senator retreats

Crisis in the Conservative Party: Expelled senator retreats

Conservative Sen. Denise Batters, the source of the sling on her leader Erin O’Toole, said Tuesday evening that the Conservative Party (CPC) considered her “ironic” exclusion from the caucus for daring to represent her values. His own party.

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“I will always be the curator. It is ironic that Erin O’Toole expelled me from the National Conservative Caucus because I asked him to abide by the principles and policies adopted by members of the Conservative Party, “the senator said in a written statement on Wednesday morning. .

MMe Batters launched a petition on Monday seeking a vote of confidence in her leader, who she accused of leading the election campaign close to the Liberals’ campaign and therefore deviating from conservative values. She denies her position on guns and abortion in particular, as well as her support for the carbon tax.

“Apparently, Mr. O’Toole does not tolerate criticism. After the election, I told my concerns directly to Mr. O’Toole, who did not respond or take action. So I publicly asked our members to speak. His response was to banish me, ”lamented MMe Hitters.

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