May 24, 2022

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“He’s always on the spanking”

"He's always on the spanking"

Who is the most frustrated Montreal Canadian player of the season?

While many point the finger at Jeff Petrie, former Hubs striker Pierre-Alexandre Parentou has vehemently criticized the work of veteran Brendan Gallagher.

“He’s on his buttocks all the time. He does not skate. He’s breathing all the time. He’s not involved,” he told TVA Sports on Tuesday.

Entering the first year of a lucrative six-year deal worth $ 6.5 million a year, Gallagher has eight points from 17 games, including three goals.

“For the money he makes, he’s considered a top figure for Canadians,” Parentou added.

But it did not attract the attention of Alexander Picard. Analyst did not appreciate the gesture he made with Rangers Barclays Gudro in the final moments of the game, as CH was trailing by a goal.

An unwanted gesture from Brendan Gallagher –

With an unnecessary penalty, the 29-year-old veteran missed the chance to tie the game for his people, Picard explained.

“You thought about your little guy, you thought about your own frustration, you never thought the team would only lose by one goal and you had a chance to equalize!”

“And it’s his great quality to think about the team in general,” Parentou said. That’s why he’s so popular with fans and Mark Bergevin.

“He dropped it tonight.”

Watch the video above.

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