May 24, 2022

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One of Jacques Tangwe’s sons was arrested for rioting

One of Jacques Tangwe's sons was arrested for rioting

Charles Tanguay, vice president of sales and finance at Ameublements Tanguay and son of Jacques Tanguay, was arrested Monday evening in connection with a domestic dispute and riot at the door.

According to information received, Charles Tangwe was at his ex-girlfriend’s house on Monday evening.

On the spot, a 34-year-old man was in a commotion, especially at a door, when police called on the spot.

Night at the police station

Mr. Tanguay was arrested and spent the night at the police station.

He finally appeared in custody Tuesday afternoon at the Victoria Park Police Station before Judge Rene de la Sublonier.

A man with no criminal record has been charged with rioting for less than $ 5,000 at a door.


The prisoner was able to regain his liberty with several commitments, especially a reference on social media that he should not go within 500 meters of his ex-spouse’s address, communicate with her, harass her and do not do so.

Because the man was armed and had a license to possess a firearm, his attorney, Mr.E Maxim Roy told the judge that his brother had gone to his residence to retrieve the weapons, but had to surrender his license after Charles Tangway was released from custody.

He is scheduled to return to court on February 3 for further hearing.

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