December 8, 2022

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Cloud Gaming GeForce Now nVivia sur Smart TV LG

Cloud Gaming GeForce Now nVivia sur Smart TV LG

With cloud gaming GeForce Now service from nVidia, Oled TVs, QNED Mini LED LCDs and LG WebOS Nanocell LCDs enjoy the world ahead.

Cloud gaming on LG Smart TV GeForce Now nVidia, 35 free games‌

Available in beta on November 19 in 80 countries, find the application in the LG Content Store and install it to enjoy it. Only a custom controller is required. After that, you can access more than 35 games for free. Free (including Rocket League, Destiny 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Crisis Remastered Trio2) 1080p definition provided at 60 frames per second.

Ray Tracing, Cloud Gaming Geoforce Now IA Upscaling for Nvidia Paid Subscribers

Namely, paid subscribers – from the GeForce Now “Priority” payment offer – also have access to the service’s advanced platform, which supports ray tracing and AI technology, with premium streaming access and premium graphics from Nvidia RTX servers for highly responsive gameplay. Not to mention the six-hour sessions compared to the one-hour sessions available in the “free” version of the service.

Talk to Lee Song-woo, Senior VP Business Strategy LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company

“LG customers expect the best in big screen gaming, Said Lee Song Woo, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. The partnership with nVidia to bring GeForce Now to LG TV owners is a testament to our commitment to providing the best gaming experience on LG TVs running WebOS ”.

At the time of writing, LG has not yet listed the specifications that GeForce Now can handle in the cloud gaming service. We’ll finish as soon as we know this news.

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