February 23, 2024

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Impressive sketch of the Atlas of the Brain

Impressive sketch of the Atlas of the Brain

A very large American consortium has classified and classified the cells of the motor cortex with unprecedented accuracy.

Hundreds of billions of different types of elements are interconnected, communicating in a way that appears to be scattered across different dialects and some of those failures can embarrass the whole group … Do you find this complicated? Welcome to the land of neuroscience!

On the surface, everything is simple: the brain consists of two types of cells, neurons and glial cells, which nourish, support and protect. Dendrites, the multiple branches that carry information to the body of a neuron, and the axon, which allow more or less long strands to send information. Between the two neurons, the synapses, through which information passes. A simple scheme that does not seem to end, it hides infinite complexity …

Understanding the brain

The American Consortium of Thirty Research Laboratories has teamed up with the Brain Initiative to create the “Atlas” with more than $ 6 billion in funding.

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It is also freedom to push the limits of science.

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