May 18, 2022

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November internship results

November internship results

At the end of the qualifying group stage for the 2022 World Cup, Jamel Belmadi’s men won their ticket to compete in the play – offs, the final step to be taken to ensure a definite tour of Qatar. Painfully earned qualification, which also gave an overview of the accuracy and some questions.

Oops! By the end of this international break, the last before CAN2021 (which will be played in 2022), Jamel Belmadi’s Algeria qualified for the March 2022 Barrage, the final stage before taking part in the World Cup in Qatar next winter. If they could easily wipe out a very weak Djibouti team (0-4), the Greens would have struggled to get out of Burkina Faso (2-2), who already had serious problems last September. Go back to progressing this course in November.

The symbol of stability is listed below

According to Jamel Belmadi, there is no time for testing when it comes time to compose his list. First, in view of the upcoming deadlines for the Greens, and especially due to the stakes in these meetings against Djibouti and the selection of Burkina Faso, this final match could not be argued to be the final announced for Group A before Day 5. As a result, the national coach chose to continue by calling on players who could give him satisfaction from his entry.

Thus, we identified the return Mustafa Zegba Those who have completed the list of goalkeepers insteadAzaddin Daukha, As well as that Mehdi Tahrat, Reda halimia And Job Abdellooui At defense posts. For that Hausin Benayada, Initially summoned with A ‘, he will be replaced on short notice Youssef Atal, Unfortunately wounded again, was forced to give up for this internship as his teammate at OGC Nice Hitchham Boudoui. Finally, Fareed Boulaya And Adam Aunas Also returned to the Algerian group.

A fruitful attack led by the ubiquitous Bailey …

At Cairo International Stadium, which reminds us of good memories of CAN 2019, Jamel Belmadi decided to line up 4-2-3-1 to face the Djibouti‌s who are still looking for their first point in this group stage. It is thus an opportunity to build confidence and prepare as much as possible for a confrontation with Burkina Faso. Therefore, we note the tenure specificallyAlexandre Okidza, Reda halimia, Job Abdellooui Or Adam Jrgen And Benrahma said.

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Colleagues of Riyadh Maharaj, Replacement at kick-off, Be patient and start scoring at the inevitable time Youssef Belley, Performed the character just a minute after missing the penalty and once again proved to be intelligent and decisive in the selection jersey. The Algerians took refuge from the first half by scoring 3 goals, ending their victory with a fourth goal scored by a house specialist. Islam Slimani |, At the end of the meeting.

If we can see a Reda halamia Not very enthusiastic and making a depressing copy (he replaces half the time Hausin Benayada), His work has been re-launched for decades, with no discussion of the lack of alternatives Youssef Atal Often injured. Adam Jrgen, In his case, knew how to get out of the game in the Algerian environment by being invaluable in the restoration and did not hesitate to bring himself forward to make room for the dangerous elements of the Algerian Eleven.

Finally, it is necessary to underline the waiting forecast match Benrahma said In the selection, he scored 3 of 4 Algerian goals and scored his first goal in the selection before reaching the decisive pass in the third Algerian goal.

… but very uncomfortable defense

For the final meeting of this group stage, back on the occasion by its supporters at the Mustafa-Tchacker Stadium in Blida, the Greens faced a completely different part, Burkina Faso. The match has already been in the press for several weeks, especially through the Stallions coach announcements. Jamel Belmadi changes the organization of his team and returns to 4-4-2, especially by tying the pair. Islam Slimani-Baghdad Bounedza In tip, to disrupt the revival of Burkina Faso who are considered to be skilled in their ball outputs. Middle, Ismail Bennasar Was a companion Ramiz Jerroki, Sofiane Feghouli Happening on the bench. Central keys Aissa Mandi – Jamel Benlamri Reformed, played against Djibouti to regain rhythm before this decisive match.

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The Greens open the scoring in the first half, as in the first leg at Marrakech Stadium. Riyadh Maharaj, Very frustrating in the game but always very decisive, all are in submission Youssef Belley, Again he, the real instigator of the Algerian game.

The Qatar SC player continues to impress once again with all the good shots of the Greens. In particular, Bailey has sometimes been decisive, sometimes becoming a scorer, thus contributing greatly to Algeria’s success in this qualifying group, especially with 1 goal and two assists in these last two meetings.

As in the first leg, once again, the Algerians missed the break and could not realize their chances. The strategic organization chosen by the national coach, however, allows a greater presence in the opposing camp. On the other hand, it weakens the midfielder where we can see him, especially in the first half, a Ramiz Zerouki The physical dual struggle imposed by the Burkina Faso Circles was very difficult. The midfielders found it very easy to forward themselves and wrote the first equalizing goal for the Stallions by deepening their teammates and especially Sanogo, the Algerian central keys.

Jamel Belmady sees his copy half the time and strengthens his midfielder. He throws Sophian Feghouli For loss Baghdad Bounedza, Struggled in this first half against Djibouti and came back to 4-2-3-1. Choice has been the payoff since midfielder Galatasaray confirmed his current form in the selection, giving Greens (2-1) the second goal of the Algerian No. 10 this week.

Subsequently, we see Algerians out of control of the game, who decided to blame those who had trouble with Burkina Faso. Lack of competition from Jamel Benlamri, Felt, due to his injury several weeks ago with Qatar SC, and once again on a deep ball, he ended up making a mistake in that area, awarding a penalty to Burkinabes who equalized (2-2).

The end of the match was not easy for the Algerian people as the excellent South African referee Victor Gomes delivered the final whistle during the match.

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Greens are so cash Their 12th and 13th goals in the last 14 games. During the coronation of the 2019 African Cup of Nations, the team that excelled in this area scored a whopping 2 goals (including a penalty).

On the other hand, at the end of this group stage, the The greens confirm their status as the best attack These playoffs with 25 wins in 6 games played. Led by Islam Slimani finished him the top scorer and finished the stage with 7 goals to his counter and Djibouti helped them well to score 12 goals in the two-way duel by presence.

The serenity of finding before the important deadline

So what Jamel Belmadi and his players needed was achieved, however, it was necessary to regain confidence and control based on the meetings against Burkina Faso, Jamel Belmadi stressed at the post-match press conference. ” What the players experienced tonight, both during the play-offs and during the CAN, will definitely help us..

The Fennecs, in fact, faced a setback that pushed them to acquire their resources to retain their qualifying position in the next round. However, they now have to eliminate some flaws to maintain their unbeaten streak in 33 consecutive meetings.

Focus now on the preparation of the African Cup of Nations to be held in Cameroon, before settling the decisive play-offs to qualify for the next World Cup. It’s a duel, it will be played in March 2022 and its opponent will be known next month with the promise of a return to Algeria. In order to keep Qatar’s dream intact, it is necessary to regain some of the lost certainty.