December 8, 2022

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Cancer: Palm oil promotes the appearance of metastases

Cancer: Palm oil promotes the appearance of metastases

A recent Spanish study published in “Nature” warns of the harmful effects of palm oil on people with cancer.

While Environmental damage due to palm oil production They are no longer on display and those on health are more and more criticized because of it Subject On Acids Grass Saturated, This oil is even more harmful to people with cancer.
Spanish study published in the journal Nature Reveals palmitic acid (from edible palm oil) Is suitable The Development From Tumors.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers exposed several mouse tumor cells to this substance. Scientists have observed the presence of markers “Abbreviations“, Increasing the capacity of these cells Metastasis (Tumor spreading to another part of the body).

Oral cancers and melanomas

In view of this, scientists claim that palmitic acid promotes better metastasis. The Cancers Mouth Yet Melanoma (Cancerous tumors caused by cells responsible for coloring the skin and eyes).

They go further: according to them, palmitic acid (used as an ingredient in many foods) is only responsible for metastases in this case. “Here, We Let’s show That Acid palmitic Food (PA), Most I do not know Acid Oleic (Olive oil, from editor’s note) Where Acid Linoleic (Flax seeds, editor’s note), Helps The Metastases In The Carcinomas Mouth And The Melanoma At home The Mouse. “

Schwan cells to protect

Scientists have not only been able to pinpoint the causal link between palmitic acid consumption and the development of metastases. In fact, the latter they found a way of treatment. Schwann cells, cells of the peripheral nervous system, surround certain nerve fibers, helping to counteract this phenomenon. By creating a neural network to propagate, Schwann cells can stop tumor cells, thereby preventing the onset of metastases.

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