May 28, 2022

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Claudell did not approve of her last Sunday editing at the OD in the West

Claudell did not approve of her last Sunday editing at the OD in the West

Clodell left the adventure OD in the west This week and we had the opportunity to talk to her.

The singer points out that she did not like watching the 2000s party episode, where she clashed with Marilou and Sarah-Donia.

There was really a cat in my throat when she was [Marilou] I’m talking, but with big dramatic sounds and zooms on my face, it looks like I cut her off. There, Sarah set off. I found it to be much more serious than it actually is. There, now, I’ve come out and I’ll see the consequences and how badly I got into it because of it. In fact I find it awkward and boring », She suggests.

All this is a matter of understanding She adds. ” I did not see the situation that way. I’m not talking about Marilou and triangle love, I’m talking about dynamic at home, it’s a little harder, because we, a group of five, with two girls we felt like two different clans. . I had two conversations with Marilou, who said it would be fun to be more united because living with the group is currently difficult.

I understood that on the show “, She said.” I advocate for Alexandra because her face was really zooming in and she pressed my thigh and told me she didn’t feel good about it. I told him: “Don’t worry, it will be fine, we will talk about it again”. There was a cat in my throat and it exploded.

Personally, I was disappointed with this show. But, “when you sign up for a reality show” you can expect anything. They can do whatever they want with you. No matter, I’m living with it.

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She continues: ” That evening or the next day, we said we loved each other. It’s bigger than it actually is. […] There was only a little “hitch” on TV and not all the great times we spent together were shown. I was very disappointed, because what we see on TV is not real. There are not too many pieces to show the true relationship we have.

Alexandra had a similar speech. See what she has to say about the situation here.

Clodell points out that she admired Alexandra, who was with her in the house of the excluded, for being able to watch the episodes with her three girlfriends on the adventure, Alex “Yelle” and Jackson. “ It was fun, I was in their house excluded with two guys who did my adventure. We can take a “break”, explain ourselves. Sometimes Jackson would grab my shoulder and say, “I love you, I’m sorry for saying that.” We are there to explain things. We all came out strong together , She insisted.

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