May 24, 2022

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Who will play Algeria in the play-offs?

Algeria is in the top 3 in Africa

Surprisingly, Algeria is one of 10 countries competing for five African qualifying places for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The only exception was when the national team qualified for the play-offs. On Tuesday, November 16, coach Jamel Belmady’s dependents sweated Preserve the draw (2-2) Burkina Faso caused similar concerns in the first leg (1-1) in Marrakech last September.

At the final whistle, the 14,000 spectators at the Mustafa-Chacker Stadium in Blida and the millions of supporters watching TV expressed their delight, although the team made only a fraction of the way to Qatar.

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The most critical step is to take with this phase of dams next March. Despite their impressive 33-game unbeaten streak that began in October 2018 and is still ongoing, the Greens have yet to win it.

As well as the quality of the players on the team and the skill of the coach. The double clash against the Burkina Faso stallion has led to some doubts, with the possibility of facing a major African displacement next March.

The national team situation is not so worrying as its position in the FIFA rankings already ensures that it faces the best rank selections on the continent.

The draw process for the five play-offs to be held in December is simple: the top five in the FIFA rankings in November are unlikely to be unveiled in a few days, as they will appear to each other in the same hat.

Algeria is currently the fourth largest African country and the 30th largest in the world. Due to their last draw at home, Algeria could not expect better.

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It may even drop a few places, but whatever happens, it will always be in the African top 5, currently ranked 6th, and Egypt ranked 44th in the world rankings.

The Greens therefore promised not to play the mighty Senegal (1st Continental), Tunisia (2nd) or Morocco (3rd) and to inherit from the Nigerian (5th). While there is also quality in other hats, avoiding such shocks is already a minor benefit.

Belamadiki is not a priority

With the exception of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and to a lesser extent Mali, the other three applicants are victims: Cameroon, Ghana and Egypt.

And in a double collision back and forth, anything is possible. It’s hard to prioritize. At this level of competition, all potential opponents are equal and no one is indebted to their position in qualifications or random standing.

Asked about his priority at a pre-match press conference with Burkina Faso, Jamel Belmadi He replied that he did not have one, only that his goal remained worthy and that he was properly prepared for a duel to pass. “Having priority does not affect the draw,” he joked.

Despite being in the seed pot, the national team can face some very difficult shocks. When Egypt faced one of the best players in the world today and its playing master, Mohamed Salah, it was a rematch to the memorable battle of Omdurman in 2009, which saw Rabah Sadane’s Greens block the road from South Africa to South Africa. Pharaohs of Hassan Shehta.

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Against Cameroon it will be even harder once again, even at the height of the 1980s when the national team failed to tame the Lions in official competition.

Ghana, very technically, poses enormous problems for the Algerian defense, which is not guaranteed for some time. Mali are in good shape in the group stage, where it is almost 5 wins and a draw, certainly not too difficult.

The DRC team will not only emerge in the box of tenants of the continent and may also lead to Benin if the appeal brought by the latter is successful.

And even against this caliber opponent, the play-off is an incredibly short final. The Greens and their coach confirmed this against Burkina Faso and they know what to do: Start now to prepare for the next CAN starting in January and for these famous dams in March. Stallions are allowed to expose.