March 24, 2023

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Adele 30 | Chronic Grandios of a Broken Heart ★★★★

Adele 30 |  Chronic Grandios of a Broken Heart ★★★★

Adele has been talking for weeks about coming back. We have seen her talk everywhere about what she has experienced in the past six years since it was published 25, In 2015. We also listened Easy on me, In October, it marked no major turning point for the English singer and saw a clip filmed by Javier Dolan. After all the hype, 30, Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated albums of the year, was finally released on Friday.

Alexander Vignolt

Alexander Vignolt

“I’ll bring flowers to my heart’s cemetery,” Adele sang softly at the opening of her disc. The mention of her divorce is obvious. This is not the only one on this disc who has been deeply identified by this heartache and the slow recovery in her life as a mother and woman. A small organ, elegant violins, melancholy arrangements, refined elegance, a feel Musical In the mid-twentiesE Century.

His suffering, even a faint hope, asserted itself Easy on me, A powerful ballad flying down the singer’s song on a piano and a small bass. A calculation that is useful for both the subject and the emotion. After just two songs, we already feel that this record will be more crude and more revealing than its predecessors, without really deviating from what Adele has previously provided. On My Little Love, A piece of the oppressed soul, she even slips summaries from the interaction that took place between her son and herself and the weeping confession that speaks volumes about her loneliness.

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There are so many violins 30 And a soul reached out from a more populist perspective than usual (Cry your heart out And Ori God, Partial punctuation by the clapping of hands and the rhythm of wanting to be happy). A well-balanced move between intimate and a little more theatrical. However, this record is not so much in its craft, though it goes a little beyond the framework set up here and there. It feels almost different, except in the case of almost shameless innocence.

30 Beautiful history of a broken heart and its relief. Sadness is felt everywhere, even in the most catchy parts, even in the subtitle where the singer tries to find happiness, even if it has to be a little hypocritical. As in his solemn moments, in his undressing moments, 30 Always hit the right tone.

So what counts here is not aesthetic prowess. Not even vocal arabesques. This collection of songs is so meaningful that Adele knows that one day she will raise her head and find words to express those moments when the heart is low. And hence 30 Good big record.





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