June 5, 2023

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Congress | Québec solidaire modified its green target upwards

Congress |  Québec solidaire modified its green target upwards

(Quebec) Environmental groups and under pressure from its operating base, Quebec is reaffirming its goal of reducing solidhouse greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Tommy Chaunard

Tommy Chaunard

On Saturday, at a party meeting where the election venue was defined, militants approved an urgent proposal by a majority, “the goal promoted by social movements, especially in terms of solidarity and north-south cooperation, by reducing Quebec emissions by at least 55% by 2030 to close to 65% by 1990 levels.” Takes into account our international responsibilities.

This goal is more ambitious than what party officials put into practice “at least 45%” in the proposal book.

In comparison, the Legalt government aims to reduce GHG emissions by 37.5% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recommends that states set a 50% target.

Quebec Solidarity activists clearly wanted more than 45% of the target. Riding associations have called for it to be revised upwards and submitted an amendment over the past few days to set it to “at least 65%”. Prior to the launch of COP26, environmental groups were urging Quebec to do its “fair share” to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

At the beginning of the discussions on this issue, QS co-spokesman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois presented an urgent proposal to revise the objective originally submitted. He therefore referred to it as “at least 55%” by getting “as close as possible to the 65% target”.

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He tried to prevent activists from receiving at least 65% of the threshold. “The diagnosis is very difficult to achieve with quantitative measures,” he pleaded, praising the merits of his urgent proposal.

You do not have to choose between ambition and feasibility. You need to do both. You have to be the most loyal and the most ambitious at the same time. This is what Climate Emergency wants from us. This is our historical responsibility.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokeswoman for Quebec Solidair

While activists are pushing in favor of his appeal, others are calling for the party to move further and at least 65% to be targeted. He called for the nationalization of polluting industries without financially compensating private companies, and criticized the party for betting on environmental taxes above all else, saying it would not hurt investors.

“With 65%, that means we are leaving the capitalist framework and we have a managed economy. […] It is democratically controlled by the Left Party, “said activist Mark Bonhome. “By being radical, we will live in a more prosperous society.”

For Oliver Howard, who is already in charge of the party’s environmental commission, the emergency proposal is ambitious “not far ahead of the population.” The former candidate said with voters that “there is a limit to what the party can do academically”. “The higher the goal, the more demand it has. I tell you to tie your toe with a brooch, because our next green plan is going to be very resilient anyway.”

Activists rejected the original proposal for at least 45% of the target. Then, between the urgent proposal and at least 65% of the target, they prefer the first option.

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Members also supported the proposal, which aims to ensure that Quebec Solidarity “seeks to nationalize all industries that produce renewable energy under regional control.” (Wind, solar, etc.) to complete the public nature of energy production in Quebec and to plan its development ”.

Québec solidaire makes weather emergency a “top priority”. “We have the greenest election platform in our history,” Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois told a news conference.

“We can be an ambitious party, for example in the fight against climate change and be credible and tough on our proposals. This is the balance we want to find at the end of the week. He believes he can.