June 7, 2023

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First meeting for the Conservative Party of Quebec

First meeting for the Conservative Party of Quebec

Members of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) are holding their first meeting this weekend after Eric Duheim was elected head of the political establishment.

Frederick Lacroix-Couture
Canadian Press

Nearly 900 participants in the virtual event will discuss forty proposals to create a program for the October 2022 election. And family.

The Congress is an opportunity to be more representative of the current face of the party, which has seen its membership grow by several thousand.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are just starting from scratch, “said Mr. Duhaim, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

He noted that the increase in PCQ was based on opposition to sanitation measures. “The protest movement against the vaccine passport, it does not make a political party,” he said. We must follow clear policies on all issues facing Quebecs. ”

According to Mr Duhaim, as the system demonstrates its “inefficiency” during the epidemic, health will be a major issue for Congress, but also for the next election campaign. The party proposes to encourage the cooperation of the private sector to allow competition.

“A party that does not believe in our monopoly interests. We think competition is healthy for patients and for those who work in the system, ”Mr Duhaim argued.

Decentralization of the system is also part of the PCQ proposals. He wants to delegate powers at the local level, just like municipalities so that “decisions are made as close to the patient as possible”.

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The party specifically suggests that there should be a resumption of shale gas exploitation, provided that it is environmentally acceptable and will reduce air and water pollution.

For Mr. Duheim, during the energy transition of the coming decades, it would be “less harmful” and “more logical” for Quebec to utilize its own resources than to import them to strengthen its autonomy.

“Would it be better to import these resources from outside the law, which have little respect for the environment, and transport them over thousands of kilometers, which would cause energy loss?” 15%, 20%, 30%? Or is it not better to dig into the resources under our feet? […] Our position from an environmental point of view is to bring resources closer to where they are found, ”Mr Duhaim said.

Name change

The party name may also change slightly after the end of Congress. In the proposal book, it is suggested that the organization be called the “Conservative Party of Quebec-Eric Duheim Team”.

The English version of the “Conservative Party of Quebec” will be removed from the official name of the party, Mr Duhaim, citing his leadership’s shift toward nationalism.

“I think it’s important that the party name be in the official language of Quebec,” he said.

The change is intended to separate themselves from their federal rivals, who have no formal ties, yet they share specific values, Duheim said, planning to field candidates early next year.