May 24, 2022

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Growth of grocery shopping cart: Tough choices for vulnerable families

Growth of grocery shopping cart: Tough choices for vulnerable families

Rising food prices are affecting more and more families as they have no choice but to reduce the grocery cart.

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It was a single mother, Vicky Ferguson, who was severely affected by rising food prices.

In an interview with TVA Novelles, she explained, “I have to go cheap and go with what I can buy.”

The latter lives alone with her son and it is very difficult to store her in the refrigerator.

“When I was grocery shopping for $ 120, I had a few a month to reach at least 20. But today, I’m making 200 groceries and I can not even see the bottom,” Vicky Ferguson said.

Experts say the real challenge is to eat a healthy diet when you have a low income.

“The only way is to be very prepared in terms of tips and culinary skills. You need to know how to plan and how to use discounts, ”said Ellis Boyer, executive director of the Olo Foundation.

Last April, 17% of Quebec families were struggling with food insecurity. According to experts, this number is rising only due to inflation and wages, which do not match the rising prices.

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