March 24, 2023

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Humorous offers to Mark Bergevin

Humorous offers to Mark Bergevin

Although he appears to be more into his departure from Montreal, Mark Bergevin is not disgusted with what is happening with his team.

In an interview with Renaud Lavoie on Saturday, the general manager was blunt in his attempt to describe the frustrations of Canadians.

“I spent sleepless nights. There are questions that are hard to find answers to. It is the CEO’s job to find answers to your team’s successes or failures. Hard to understand. I have my own theory, but that does not mean it is correct. I’ve talked to other general managers and it’s a lot more than I think. Even with injuries, achieving just four wins is not acceptable. When we saw the last game, effort and commitment were not seen. You have to do a lot better than that. ”

The former defender admitted that from the first day of the season he never felt like his team was ready and motivated.

“Training camp is average. At the start of the season, I felt like the team had no energy. The fact that he played in the final in a difficult environment, took time to prepare well. I saw guys who were not mentally ready and not physically ready. With our injuries and half the team not working, success is impossible. ”

Despite everything, Bergwin refuses to blame Dominic Ducharm for his team’s nightmare opening season.

“When I saw a team that could not pass ten feet, no matter how much I brought Scotty Bowman here, it was not because of the coach. When you believe you can win, the team’s confidence can take it to the playoffs. When it’s bad, it’s going the other way.

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At the transaction level, the CEO stated that now is not the time to move. He also admitted that he had received ridiculous offers from some teams.

“It’s so easy to do bad with the things that have provided me over the last few weeks. Nothing to help the Montreal Canadians is coming forward right now. I will do nothing to hold the future hostage. Even though this is my last year in the contract, I will not start doing anything for myself. I have a lot of organization to do that. I’m patient, our team is better than just four wins. They like to work right now. ”

Watch the interview in the video above.