February 23, 2024

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QS has been rewarding the CAQ for its 10 years

QS has been rewarding the CAQ for its 10 years

Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon decides he will pass his turn. He is not a candidate for the by-election in Mary-Victorine.

No big surprise!

In a letter to the local executive, the PQ leader declared that the chosen candidate was known throughout the province: “We have found a candidate not only at the local level but also at present to represent the party Quebecois in Mary-Victorine. National landscape. ”

Quebec Solidair mistake

Following the election of Catherine Fornier as mayor of Longueil, Quebec Solidair announced that it would be submitting a candidate in Mary-Victorine.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois stressed that “voters have the right to have all the options in their ballot.”

Not wrong but, forcibly handcuffed by CAQ saying he would introduce someone.

In Trois-Rivieres, last Saturday, Franకోois Legalt stated that his party would not open the ground for Paul Saint-Pierre Plumondon.

The CAQ did not allow a duel between Quebec Solidair and Party Quebecois. The risk of QS winning against PQ is very high.

The result

For Quebec Solidair, Paul Saint-Pierre Plumondon would do well to enter Salon Blue to reduce votes in the CAQ or to further damage the PQ if the PQ leader makes mistakes.

Solidarity must work to reduce CAQ voting intentions. Otherwise, they will lose their elected representatives outside Montreal.

By wanting to play the card of democracy and the well-being of Mary-Victorian voters, Quebec Solidair has been a good big gift to CAQ for its 10 years.

When your enemies give you gifts, you have to be careful.

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The Quakists must make sure to win Mary-Victorine, the pressure is now on their shoulders.

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