May 20, 2022

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The Conservative Party of Quebec is demanding a single rate of tax

The Conservative Party of Quebec is demanding a single rate of tax

Quebec Conservative Party activists spoke widely in favor of tax cuts on Saturday and, in the long run, set the same rate for all taxpayers in the province.

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As part of the first party meeting since the election of its new leader Eric Duheim, nearly 500 members reviewed the political party’s proposals on the economy on Saturday afternoon.

At the urging of their Vice President Mark Bujan, for whom the proposal to reduce the first $ 90,000 tax rate did not go “enough”, they also spoke in favor of the establishment, in the long run, a single rate.

With only 63% support, this is the most debated proposal in Congress on the first day.

“The ADQ (Democratic Action of Quebec) has demonstrated something similar and has been accused of favoring the rich,” said activist Bruno Gilbert. I think cutting taxes is not something that will help the election.

Another, Daniel Bouford, noted that such tax cuts would be “billions” short of the state treasury.

“We will not just cut revenues and wait for spending to go down. The two will go together,” assured Ian Senekal, a member of the party’s working committee, finance and public finance committee.

In addition to tax cuts, Conservative activists voted to increase the career extension tax credit for experienced workers and to stop taxing the resale of used consumer goods, including cars.

The panel also led lively discussions on the environment and transportation. However, the vast majority of PCQ activists favored the Third Link, but expressed their preference for the Third Link, east of Quebec.

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They also maintained themselves in favor of the exploitation of Quebec’s natural resources, including shale gas, under certain conditions.

“Isn’t it healthy to first exploit the resources under our feet?” Chef Eric Duheim asked. From an environmental point of view we think this is already a plus.

During this time many activists expressed frustration at how fast the party ranks were. In terms of transportation, conservatives have also spoken out in favor of raising the speed limit on some roads to 120 km per hour.

Earlier in the day, party leader Eric Duhaim had said he needed to resume talks to end the panel’s debate on health.

After observing many comments about alternative therapies next to virtual negotiations, he recalled that while advocating “freedom of choice” in health, it was not the state’s job to promote them.

Eric Duheim admitted that he had met “many people who talked to me about alternative medicine” during his regional tours and that it was “appropriate” to ask for freedom of choice in terms of the treatments they chose.

“But the last thing you want is for your government to start alternative medicine and actively promote it,” the conservative leader told his activists.

Same thing with the idea of ​​taxing junk food or promoting a healthier lifestyle.

“It is not the government’s job to tell you what to eat and when to jog. We are not in a party that wants to take you by the hand, we need a “government” that decides everything for you, “the former radio host insisted.

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According to him, the traditional solution is to abolish taxes on certain products that are considered “healthy”.

Among the approved proposals are: Providing an alternative to the public health network, introducing a system of funding hospitals based on the services provided and increasing medical admissions. Members of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) also voted overwhelmingly in favor of decentralization of the health network.

Surprisingly, a large number of activists also supported the party’s proposal to review the public health law to force the government to consult deputies of the National Assembly before restoring a health emergency.

Since being elected head of PCQ, Eric Duheim has turned criticism of sanitary measures into his passion. Support for the party has grown significantly in the recent by-elections.

But the political party is not satisfied with this single point, its leader insisted from the beginning.

“Now, we must step forward as a serious, respectable political party in all spheres and for that, we must show that we have a cohesive position on the health crisis, but we can remain coherent and conservative. A position on all policies in Quebec,” he began in his opening remarks.

Between 400 and 500 participants participated in virtual exchanges on the Zoom platform.