May 19, 2022

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez return to Los Angeles

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez return to Los Angeles

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were filmed stepping out of a private jet in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Not scaring them back and forth non-stop across the country. On the contrary, anyone might think so These trips further enhance their relationship. Friday 19 November 2021, Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez They were photographed again at the airport in Los Angeles because they had just boarded a private jet. Along with their group, the couple walked over the tarmac until they took a seat in a car waiting for them in the parking lot next door.

History does not say where the stars came from. In recent weeks, the 49-year-old actor has been busy filming a new project in Texas, but the 52-year-old actress and singer has been caught on his upcoming Netflix feature “The Mother” set. Are in Canada.

Is a new engagement coming up?

Last week, Jennifer Lopez was promoting her new romantic comedy “Mary Me” Mentioned that there is a possibility of getting married again in the near future. “You know I, I’m romantic, always will be. I still believe in eternal happiness 100%, ”she told the Today Show. The star has been married three times and was already engaged to Ben Affleck between 2002 and 2004. Will the actor make his request again? The betting took place.

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