December 1, 2022

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NFL: Buffalo bills are in serious trouble

NFL: Buffalo bills are in serious trouble

Koltski bills passed by the front of the train. As a result of slipping on the monument, they are now in the East Division of the American Conference slid in the second row, behind the … Hey, hey, the Patriots!

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A long time ago, the bills have a solid 5-2 record. The Patriots, at 2-4, was venukabadinatlu endlessly. There is no doubt that this is a separation bill.

Just as strong as the wind blows and make upside down at any time in the NFL.

From the now distant days, the Patriots won their last five games; They now have seven wins and four losses.

Bills have lost three of their five most recent games and six wins and four losses.

Patriots to face each other twice in the next five weeks, bills, and so, of course, nothing is scheduled.

Portrait of the partition so that the bills’ current mistakes or patriots, “determined on the basis of the current accomplishments. The fact is that for the time being in favor of patriotism luck.

Not consistent

Inexplicable, bills konasagincalekapotunnayi no stability. They made their trademark sign of success against the chief of the 4 and 5 weeks won back-to-back games.

Since then, the group offers weekly recreational round to round.

Laniary taitansku heart failure. Dalphinlapai little success. An unexpected setback for the Jaguars. Strong returns to the saddle against the jets. A crash against the Colts …

Without control of the defense by Jonathan Taylor extradition back yesterday peel twist.

Colts ‘rasing 264 yards the past five seasons, the Bills’ defense the worst. Well, Edmunds and Tackle star linebacker tremain lotuleli missing, but still …

Bills usually work well against the run, though, against the physical jumbo jumper in mid-October, when Derrick Henry, turns quickly to the scene. It is troublesome.

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Offense, for the third consecutive game, the Bills have committed at least two turnovers. The situation needs to be rectified quickly.

Surrender in their fight against the bill very talented division. They should still be considered favorites in the race. Against petriyatsku, such dissent are not enough games.

Taylor MVP?

Koltski, a very big success, because they were in the playoff race. If they are eligible at the end of the line, the logical contender for MVP should be forwarded to Jonathan Taylor.

Proven franchise record with his five touchdowns against the bill. He has 15 touchdowns in each week, and more than 100 yards from the line of skrimmej produces nine games seriously.

Adrian Peterson in 2012 after the carrier has not been voted as the MVP. If the Colts in the playoffs, they are indebted for their second-year carrier.


Jonathan Taylor

Rasing 185 yards, 19 receiving and five touchdowns, Jonathan Taylor showed once again in the coming years in order to remain one of the league’s best pharvardarlalo. Ace eighth straight game with at least 100 yards in the Colts skrimmej line and has an touchdowns.

Justin Jefferson

Kirk Cousins ​​may be referred to on this column, but the receiver with 169 yards and two touchdowns to Justin Jefferson was great, at the end of the fourth quarter was also superb touchdowns.

Ron Rivera

Cam Newton’s first start with the head coach for the Washington to California before an enthusiastic audience to beat his former team. Stay alive in the race for the playoffs for the second consecutive game and won his men to put themselves in the cold.

Jolen Hurts

His passing numbers were not great (24 of 13, 147 yards), but rushed for three touchdowns for the Eagles was the quarterback, which is also amazing. Hurts for another season next year, the starter is in the process of shopping.

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Steve spagnulo

Chiefs defensive coordinator at the beginning of the season to protect the appearance of badly edited. At least two in every game this season without scoring touchdowns after the Cowboys were chiefs.


Ryan Tonnehill

Titans quarterback has had a terrible four-Steel game. Titans seemed to learn from the disastrous start of the season against the Jets, but they are reduced to the level of their competition teksansto again.

Les Bears

So the bears and their quarterback (Lamar Jackson), the top receiver (markvais brown) and the top three ravansnu odincalera without running back? In addition, Justin Fields was injured. A nightmare day …

The Saints

The Saints lost their last three games, it was the first time since 2016. Trevor Simian threw two breaks. Obviously, this is not even a temporary solution.


Still some dubious decisions this week, but it is in very good shape, Clyde Edwards-helair of Chiefs linebacker Luke Gifford carrier touchdowns … promotes punishment and a scourge of punishment are showing a finger.

Les Seahawks

The team is the first time since 2009, 37to. Lost three consecutive starts for the first time in his career, Russell Wilson. 14to the Seahawks are at home. In short, do not move well.

5 key moments of the week

1. Return “DOC”

To find his place in the starting line-up Laurent duverne-tardiph jets does not take long. Last week, he was in uniform, but did not see any explicit field. This week, against the dolphins, he got back to his right and defeat good-looking guard post. Five startarlapai betting are the same as from the 2nd week of the jets and their long, from the 2015 series of eight games. It is clear that “LDT” will replace Greg van Rotten.

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2. Darius Slay enkor!

When it comes to the big defensive play, Darius Slay of the Eagles played better than some players these days. At the end of the second quarter, an interception for touchdowns Slay brought his team provided a good boost. He scored touchdowns in the third in the last four weeks!

3. Long game for TUA

From the beginning of his career, is not a fan of the game for a long vimarsincabaddadujetsku tagovailova against Tua, he is by far the longest of his 65-yard touchdowns in the game, the Mac holinski threw a pass. At the end of the field to another to escape from the stress of Hollins tagovailova mark. In general, the Dolphins have won three straight games.

4. Always in suspense

The Vikings are kings who do not turn to suspense. Nine of their ten games ended in the final game.

This time, Greg Joseph made a 29-yard field goal, the end of the regular time in the sport, and the discussion ended the Packers.

In all three cases, they were in overtime. It can become habitual.

5. MCCOY keep it strong

Cardinals, still without kailar Murray, quarterback Colt McCoy won the second of the three games. Seahawks at the end of the game, the cards have come under the jurisdiction of the three points, but McCoy’s 10-play, 67-yard offensive push, as it led the Seahawks tacdaunku good rule of James O’Connor.

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