June 7, 2023

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Parliamentary return | Liberals launched animosity over the detention vaccine

Parliamentary return |  Liberals launched animosity over the detention vaccine

(Ottawa) On this new parliamentary day in Ottawa, the Liberals did not waste time launching hostilities against their Conservative opponents. Battlefield: Medical exemptions for non-vaccinated Conservative MPs.

Catherine Lewesk and Lina DiB
Canadian Press

“It simply came to our notice then [autant] Medical Exceptions. […] That doesn’t make sense, “said Mark Hollande, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Although he was unaware of the number of medical exemptions received by the Conservatives – Chief Erin O’Toole declined to provide that number – Mr. Hollande submitted that any number on one was not credible. To justify his claim, he cited statistics: between one in five people per 100,000 are eligible for medical exemption from the Kovid-19 vaccine. And Ottawa has only 119 Conservative MPs.

Mr. The Dutch Board of Internal Economy, a committee made up of members who impose mandatory vaccinations for entry into parliamentary buildings, states that only six or seven medical exemptions recognized by Ontario health officials can be enforced.

So you should cross check the doctor notes against this list.

Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), agreed with the policy proposed by the Liberals. “I have concerns, I am resolving my doubts with the Conservatives,” he told a news conference following Mr Holland.

Members of Parliament from all political parties on Parliament Hill are not only an unknown number of Conservative members but also fully immune. An elected Liberal who sought medical exemption during the election campaign received her vaccines. Mr Holland reportedly had his medical condition changed.

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The situation has become more complicated since one of the Conservatives, Beas MP Richard Lehoux, declared himself infected with COVID-19. Mr. Lehoux attended a two-day Caucasus meeting with his colleagues last week.

He will not be in the House on Monday. All the deputies and senators who were by his side on Wednesday and last Thursday passed the screening test before returning to their professions. Those who are not vaccinated are detained according to health rules.

The Conservative Party in Canada is still refusing to say which of its MPs was given two doses – for medical reasons.

The first parliamentary drills

The session will begin on Monday with the election of a new president. Governor General Mary Simon will read the speech from the throne in the Senate on Tuesday.

Liberal MP Anthony Rota, who was Speaker of the House of Commons last session, was re-elected after giving the MEPs a chance in a new hybrid format by deftly leading the Commons through the first three waves of the Kovid-19 epidemic. Actually participate in the trial.

But the presidential election, in which MPs vote by preference and by secret ballot, is unpredictable. Mr. Rota faced three Conservative MPs – Mark Dalton, Chris D’Entremont and Joel Godin – as well as another Liberal MP, Alexandra Mendes and New Democrat Carol Hughes, both of whom were past vice presidents.

Green MP Elizabeth May is also in the race, but she said in an interview on Sunday that she believes Mr Rota deserves re-election. However, as a candidate, she had the opportunity to make a five-minute speech, which was intended to draw her attention to the biggest mistake made by various presidents in the last 40 years: allowing party revolutions to be directed. Who has the right to speak in the Commons?

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Only members of the House can vote for the Speaker.

The House will have to decide whether or not to resume hybrid meetings. Liberals plan to introduce a resolution on this effect earlier this week. They know the New Democrats and Greens will agree to get the hybrid mode back; Black and Conservatives oppose it.

Liberal priorities

By the end of the holiday, liberals are expected to pass four bills: new, more targeted support measures related to COVID – 19, criminalizing protests against health care workers, enforcing 10 paid sick leave in federal jurisdictions, and banning exchange treatment. . Mr. Hollande said he relied on the “good faith” of all parties to move forward with these pieces of legislation.

Mr Singh assured that he would support three of the four bills. The NDP is wary of new support measures for Kovid-19, as they say Mr. Singh put an end to other activities he wanted to carry out.

The Leader of the House could not confirm whether other bills promised in the first 100 days, such as the modernization of the Official Languages ​​Act, would be introduced as promised.