June 7, 2023

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Lewis: A fraud narrowly escaped

Lewis: A fraud narrowly escaped

On Monday, the Lewis City Police Department intervened with a septuagenarian who was about to swindle a few thousand dollars.

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On Monday afternoon, the facts began when the woman received a call from a man communicating in English. The call on that number indicated that it came from the United States.

“The woman was not fluent in English, but from what she understood from her conversation, the man told her that her account had been tricked by traffickers and to resolve the situation, she had to transfer the money to another account. Save him,” said a Lewis City (SPVL) police spokesman. Explained by Veronica Bluin.

The suspect told the woman not to communicate the situation to anyone and to do what he was told, the spokesman continued.

Awakened by the conversation, her partner began to suspect even more, noticing that she was not coming back.

The woman went to the bank to withdraw the first amount. She is waiting to withdraw another amount as there are limits to each withdrawal.

Her husband alerted the police.

The suspect slips out of their fingers

“When the police found the woman, she had already withdrawn a good amount and she was still waiting for another amount to be withdrawn to transfer everything to the fraudster,” the spokesman said.

The police tried to join the cheater, but the woman had just been alerted by her spouse, so it was too late to corner the malicious man.

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The investigation is still ongoing.

“There have been recurring fraud cases recently,” Ms. Said Bluin. These days, it’s a plague. ”

If the SPVL is successful in identifying the fraudster, it is likely that many fraud cases will be resolved.

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