May 28, 2022

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The Trudeau government hopes to pass four bills by Christmas

The Trudeau government hopes to pass four bills by Christmas

According to him, the government plans to draft legislation specifically Continue to provide financial assistance to Canadians Still working in some sectors of the economy suffering from the COVID-19 epidemic. I believe Canadians need to take immediate action on this, He argues.

A bill to reassure anti-vaccine activists Cannot perform in front of health facilities Or even threatening those who work there should not be adopted. According to Mr. Holland, a The big consensus On this subject.

The government plans to legislate for the rights of all workers under federal control 10 days paid sick leave. Hollande said no one should feel sick going to work to pay their bills.

Finally, the Bill prohibiting conversion therapy, A controversial practice intended to change a person’s sexual orientation, is put back on the legislative agenda for adoption. Part of the legislation discussed the matter, but died on the order paper due to the election call.

Following the Government’s speech from the throne read by the Governor – General of Canada on Tuesday afternoon, business will resume in the House of Commons this week. They will then be suspended for the holiday season on December 17th. He is scheduled to return to the Commons on January 31.

The MPs returned Monday afternoon to elect one of their colleagues as speaker of the House of Commons, before attending the speech from the throne. Former Speaker of Parliament, Liberal Anthony Rota, Gave a second round.

The election, chaired by the Dean of the Commons, Black Cubacois Louis Plamondon, took place in a practically full house despite the epidemic. Conservative MP Richard Lehoux, who Infected with COVID-19 One of those absent last week.

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Immediately called for a flood debate

In another register‌, the NPD And the Conservative Party called for an urgent debate on climate change and the need to rebuild the flood-damaged infrastructure in British Columbia.

Head of NPD, Jagmeet Singh, announced on Monday that his party hopes to call for an emergency discussion as soon as possible to learn more about the government’s plan to tackle the climate emergency.

Mr. According to Singh, as these disasters are expected to become more common, it is imperative that the federal government actively invests in preparing communities more robustly and better.

A Atmospheric river It ravaged British Columbia from November 14-15, with 300 mm of rain falling in two days.

This bad weather took at least four people and a fifth person was missing. Most of the infrastructure, including roads and railways, was severely damaged.

British Columbia NDP MP Richard Canings said he could submit his request to Speaker Anthony Rota for an urgent debate on Wednesday.

Two British Conservative MPs, Ed Fast and Dan Albas, argued the extent of the damage in rebuilding the road network and the need for urgent discussion due to crucial federal assistance.

Towards continuation of work in hybrid mode

44 All indicate that it is a parliamentary workE The Legislature will soon be held under the Hybrid Formula as it has been going on for over a year now.

Mr Hollande and New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh both confirmed on Monday that they were in favor of the operation.

Until the end of the epidemic, let us continue this flexibility to work together in a reasonable way as safe as possible. In my opinion, it just makes sense.

A quote from Mark Holland, Leader of the House of Commons in the Commons

The votes of members of these two parties make it possible to impose this policy on which the Conservative Party and the Black Quebecois are competing.

We want Parliament to sit, members to be there, ministers to be there, to answer in the Chamber., Gerard Deltell, leader of the Conservative Parliament in the Commons, said in an interview All morning.

The hybrid mode of operation also allows members of parliament to participate in and vote on parliamentary work without attending the Commons. To prevent a total of 338 MPs from ending the House, thereby increasing the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Mr Hollande told the CBC on Sunday that he wanted the hybrid mode to be in place at least until next June, so that the debate would not become a constant topic of discussion.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly

One month ago, the Board of Internal Economy, the governing body of the House of Commons, All MPs must have adequate immunity To enter the Commons, unless you have a medical exemption. However, exempt members must attend Recent negative result in a quick antigenic test for COVID-19.

The government house leader said Monday that all Liberal MPs have now been vaccinated. He said the man, who until recently received a medical exemption, was finally vaccinated.

The NDP and Black Quebecos have already said that all their members have been vaccinated, but the Conservatives have refused to disclose who received the two doses of the required vaccine in their Caucasus.

In an interview with Behind the scenes of authority, On Sunday, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole promised he and his 118 MPs would attend Parliament Hill on Monday.

According to a recent poll from the Canadian Press, 36 Conservative MPs declined to say whether they had been vaccinated.

Hollande pointed out on Monday that a medical exemption had been granted to an unusually large number of Conservative MPs, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the reasons given for obtaining it.

According to public health officials, 1 in 5 people in 100,000 generally argue that they can benefit from such an exemption. So one or two of the 119 Conservative MPs may be exempt, but numerically more likely to be absent.

The House Leader therefore believes that the House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for verifying the immunization status of deputies, as well as the reason given for justifying the exemption.

If it is clearly written in the letter from the doctor that an exception is coming [d’une des] 6 or 7 specific conditions are acceptable [pour une] A medical exemption would suffice for me.

A quote from Mark Holland, Leader of the House of Commons in the Commons

His opponent in Black Cubacois, Alain Therrian, indicated that his party was watching With a good eye Cross-checking of medical exemptions for Conservative MPs, According to certain conditions set by the Board of Internal Economy.

The NDP leader also said he would accept the policy.