May 19, 2022

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Mandatory vaccination in communes | The Conservative MP declined to comment on his exception

Mandatory vaccination in communes |  The Conservative MP declined to comment on his exception

(Ottawa) An Unvaccinate Conservative MP – because he claims to have a medical condition that prevents it – refuses to check his medical history on the pretext that it is private information.

Catherine Lewesk and Lina DiB
Canadian Press

An unknown number of Dean Allison, Ontario MP, and his colleagues in the same situation have fueled controversy between Conservatives and other elected federal officials since the return of parliamentarians to Ottawa.

On Wednesday afternoon in the Parliament Corridor, MP Allison was reluctant to reveal to reporters the medical condition that prevents him from being vaccinated against COVID-19. He does not even intend to hand it over to the parliamentary bodies that want to cross-check it under the new resolution to be passed.

“Medical information is a matter of personal life,” he said, noting that screening tests are performed twice a week – Mondays and Wednesdays – to enter parliamentary buildings.

Although he was not vaccinated, Allison admitted that he did not isolate himself after attending a Caucasus meeting with his colleague Richard Lehoux last week. Booze MP Mr. We learned on Saturday that Lehoux was suffering from COVID-19.

“Honestly I never saw him. I’m still standing in the back of the room,” Mr Allison explained.

“We always follow the rules,” continued Gerard Deltell, a Conservative parliamentary leader. “Again tomorrow, I’ll do a quick test because I have a coward for my colleague”, he said at the Commons door, talking about the same situation as MP Lehoux.

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MP Deltel’s commitment did not match that of Conservative Senator Claude Carrigan. After arriving at the Sir John A. McDonald’s building on Wednesday morning, the Quebec senator told reporters that he should wear his mask and “keep a distance” from his colleagues at the weekly Caucasus meeting.

Motion was discussed

The debate began on Wednesday afternoon on the motion to impose a short list of plausible reasons for a medical exemption for the vaccine and to restore the hybrid form of parliamentary work.

The resolution restricts access to vaccinated deputies to Parliament. Those who are not vaccinated because they have a medical exemption at hand can only personally participate in the House of Commons negotiations if the reasons for their exemptions are comparable to those approved by the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Advisory Committee. National Immunization Program.

It has already been confirmed that the New Democrats will support this motion in its current form.

They do not support this because block members are opposed to returning to work in hybrid form.

However, they are demanding a cross-check on the medical exemptions for non-vaccinated preservatives. To this end they raised the question of privileges on Tuesday evening, demanding that the House make mandatory the Board of Internal Economy (BIS), the decision-making body that decides on mandatory vaccinations in parliamentary buildings, to double-check medical exemptions. .

“I think it needs to be there […] Everyone pushed a column from there. Then we say: “Okay, this is crazy”. For the safety of Members of Parliament […]”If you do not get vaccinated twice, you will not be able to come back unless you have independent certification of your medical cause,” said Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, a bloc leader during a press briefing.

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“Yes, we want the Conservative Party to be more transparent,” New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh added. “Beyond that, we want the Conservative Party to think about it for a moment; What is their goal? What is their restoration? This is the official opposition, and for weeks […] The only thing raised in the Conservative party is that they want to have […] Special permissions, ”he blamed.